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University of New Orleans Reviews

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The professors are willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals and secure a career.
The coursework encourages critical thinking which subsequently helps to learn the material. This university encourages you to work harder and smarter in order to master the knowledge required for your desired profession. Instructors are willing to help you every step of the way while they challenge you and help you to gain as much knowledge in your field as possible. Furthermore, these instructors will help you earn opportunities that will launch your career and give you a competitive advantage.
The coursework is really useful for the real life. Very closely to real life to my work as an accountant. My graduate degree is MBA, undergraduate is accounting. So the accounting classes have material that really useful in real life. So far the management classes have some material in real life. Also economics. Overall the course works are useful in real life.
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I like about the convenience offer of classes and a fair tuition fee. The teacher is okay depend on what class I am taking
The learning is very hands on and real life experience based. Work credit hours are required to graduate and they had a 98% placement rate before COVID desimated New Orleans hospitality industry.
UNO has always made the transition back to school for my master seamless. They have great advisors and access to the cutting edge information and technology in my field and many others. The university is affordable. Reaction and policy regarding COVID and other emergencies have been swift and consciencious of the student foremost.
Course work is challenging, but often light. All assignments have been applicable to real world experiences (no busy work).
Great (small) class sizes and experienced professors. Each class has been taught by someone who does the work professionally, which means we get hands on experience and advice, plus we often to site visits to local organizations when possible.
The Health Care Management program was super informative. The course offerings allow for students to get a well-rounded idea of the field. The instructors and professors have tremendous experience in the healthcare industry. Students are exposed to a wealth of information and given the opportunity to meet with various healthcare professionals, all of which prepare students for their future in healthcare.
I'm only in my first year, but so far my particular program has been absolutely wonderful. The faculty are all excellent and my program feels very homey and welcoming. It's very affordable, too, and they offered a scholarship that would help me out when I expressed need. I look forward to my remaining years here.
I transferred here from LSU and my experience has been nothing but amazing. Especially working on campus and getting involved has given me numerous opportunities I never thought I would have.
Best Bang for your Buck! For the price of tuition compared to other state schools, UNO provides the best education for the least expense. We were rated high on some national list for least debt. A lot of my classmates graduate without taking any (required) loans. (Some take them so they can take advantage of the summer abroad programs.)

The student to faculty ratio is about 21:1 in my classes right now. The teachers do what they can to get you to your degree. And the campus is in that nice middle ground of not-too-small and not-too-big that you can walk to your classes easily.

UNO is not party school per se. Not a big name in athletics. But if that is your scene, the school is a bus stop away from a LOT of other schools that you can go to for those. And for the night life, I mean, this is New Orleans- there's some festival/event/concert every week it seems.

I enjoyed/am enjoying my stay here at UNO. Definitely a great choice.
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