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University of Nevada, Las Vegas Graduate Reviews

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Unlv DRC has been great at advocating for my needs as a returning college student in my 40's. My college professors have all been so wonderful and have taught me so many useful skills for navigating my way through college successfully.
Large campus. Good professors. A lot of scholarship for undergraduate available. I found that the library was very nice . There are many buildings that have been remodeled. The book store is a little expensive so try to order books on Amazon. The landscape is always kept nice and free of trash.
I liked the professors as they were passionate about their classes and genuinly cared about their students success. I wish they offered more later afternoon/night classes or online classes for the core classes pertaining to the Political Science degree. It was extremely hard to work as a single mother and attend middle of the day classes as no other option was available.
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I love this school. It was recently named as one of the most diverse schools in the nation, which is true! So many wonderful classmates from all over the globe.
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas or UNLV, has provided me with opportunities to take challenging classes and participate in academic activities outside of class. My professors are approachable and open to student feedback and quick to respond. My experience at UNLV has only been as a graduate student since 2017, graduating May 2019!
I enjoy the campus and all it offers. The gym is four levels of pure happiness, the library is so big you can get lost for hours and not even be bothered by it. Absolute happy place for me.
UNLV has a beautiful campus with several different options for dining and student involvement. Professors are highly knowledgeable on their content and invested in the students.
UNLV is rated the most diverse university in the nation U.S. News and World Report. The rebel family prides itself on developing the students into well rounded individuals with innovative technology and dedicated professors. I personally found a plethora of resources to help me during my undergraduate career. These resources included helpful advisors, the enormous library, tutors, etc. The campus itself is not a traditional campus (aesthetically) however everything is convenient. I also felt safe with the on campus police department and emergency telephones located every 1000 feet. The only downside to UNLV is the lack of parking.
Just went for in an in-person interview and loved the process of meeting professors and current students in the program. Can't wait to get started! Great education at a reasonable cost!
I started UNLV as a transfer student. I am very pleased with all of the staff I met in the department of Education. The application process is easy and they offer a variety of courses including online, face to face and modules. One thing that I would like to change is the amount of time and money it costs to be a student as a non resident. Staff want you to learn the material. There is plenty of student support.
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