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University of Nevada - Reno Graduate Reviews

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Professors and curriculum are doable if you put in the work and ask for help early and when needed! Nevada basketball games are exciting and its easy to meet people/enjoy your social life. Wish there were more activities for night life/weekend activities besides the bars
My experience in UNR has been great so far. I have had the chance to meet with the Office of International Students, the MBA department. The people there are very helpful and attend to us in our needs at any time possible.
I enjoy the diversity of the students and professors. They have been expanding and improving the campus.
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I, unfortunately, am not very happy with the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). I moved to Reno for a graduate program and quickly realized that UNR had many faults. The college atmosphere is not that of a traditional college town. UNR is separate from the Downtown Reno, creating an environment that is less than desirable. There's no sense of pride for the athletic teams, no traditional college bars, very few restaurants deliver or are open past 9pm, etc. Additionally, while professors may be qualified, they often lack personality and people skills. If these things are not important to you, then you may enjoy it here and the short distance to Lake Tahoe.
I loved my experience at the University of Nevada, Reno. I finished my undergraduate degree there and I am looking forward to continuing my education as a graduate student. The University of Nevada has provided me with a great education and a lot of new opportunities!
UNR is is awesome and really has provided me an opportunity to further my education. Go Social Work!
I'm in the online MSW program. I like the way the program is structured and I like the cost compared to other programs. My main complaint is my first professor didn't give much if any feedback on assignments nor did he grade things in a timely fashion. My second professor was wonderful.
I've been at UNR for many years now and find myself wanting to come back here to get to experience its Medical School. The class sizes are fantastic, wonderful teachers, and endless amounts of resources to aid in the learning process.
I think students have a real chance
I visit every year before I applied so I love Reno a lot
Love them more then my hometown guys
Wish we could do better
Never really was interested but seems cool
I already know I'll love it more than the dorms and I LOVED the dorms
I always have a great time!
Love Pizza Baron, In n Out, Chipotle, etc.
I think it was just the right amount
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I got nothing at all and I am a deans list student
I loved living in Nye Hall!
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