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University of Nebraska - Lincoln Graduate Reviews

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Mediocre University academically with extremely limited cultural diversity and far too many scholarships doled out to unremarkable foreign students from China PR that could never get into a prestigious University on the East or West coast. Extremely segregated campus based on fraternities/sororities/athletes holding court with each other and limited interaction between groups when not forced. There's very little attempt to bridge the gap and create a family feel on campus, but it does have some positives in that it is extremely non-threatening. It's very safe, but almost too safe in regards to there not being enough exceptional students around you to challenge you and push your thinking further.
I’m not a fan of UNL. It’s huge and each department operates like a separate school. Academics are not a big focus. It’s often hard to get a hold of professors and sometimes they could care less about you. Athletics is everything here. The newer dorms are nice though. East Campus is nice. UNL is a particular school and it’s not for me.
My time at the University of Nebraska Lincoln was great. I had a good classroom experience and found all of my professors to be attentive, active, and involved in their students' education. I would like to see the diversity of the university expand as well as the focus on departments outside of athletics.
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Wonderful school and community. Diverse, tons of options for activities and clubs. Events going on every night of the week. The campus and facilities are clean and beautiful. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm! Wonderful professors who truly care about their students. This is a safe and fun campus and a wonderful thing to be a part of !
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