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University of Montana Graduate Reviews

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So far the MBA program is average. A lot of this is online and the method of instructions is average. I have not been impressed with the feedback from the instructors yet, but I hear that improves with the program. There have been two instructors that have been an extreme challenge to learn from in the accounting sections. He does not stay on point and is easily distracted. Time management is not a strong suit and this is a challenge to me as I am a taking this MBA program full time while I am also teaching at the University and a father of 3. Time and mental energy are my most valuable resource and so far the MBA program is waisting those assets.
I graduated from this university but was not prepared for the workforce. Also, major departments like information technology and computer sciences have been drastically cut over the last 3 years.
Overall, I have loved the University of Montana! I am so glad that I chose to come here. The campus is beautiful and they really encourage diversity and opinions of all kinds. I suppose the only reason I didn't give it 5 starts is because my particular department seems to be a little disorganized.
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Excited to start. Campus is beautiful. Missoula is a great town. I think that most people enjoy the school as long as you don't mind the cold winters.
The University of Montana will constantly surprise you. I bet you didn't know that the leading researchers in carnivore ecology, sexual selection theory, avian aerodynamics, and the physiology of bird flight all hail from U of M. Faculty here at UM are some of the world's leading researchers in their fields. In Montana, of all places!!! In spite of that, it is still Montana, so it comes with its own suite of issues. If you're gay, lesbian or trans, you can expect to be mistreated here. If you're female, a POC, or non-Christian, you shouldn't be surprised when you get assaulted. So unless you're a white male, I would choose a different university.
I attended UM as a graduate student in the English department. I received a 1-year TAship and am grateful to the university for the free tuition and the stipend while I taught Writing 101. The English professors at UM were quite good when I attended. However, the facilities of the Humanities building left a lot to be desired. Both the university and the Missoula area are overly passionate about the football program at UM, though it would be nice to see more money and devotion put toward the arts.
I love the small town atmosphere and class sizes. UM is 10 minutes from multiple trails, a lively downtown and welcoming community.
Everyone is so nice! This campus is beautiful!! Cheapest graduate school I have found in numerous searches!! There is sooo much too do outdoors or indoors and in any season!!
Most beautiful campus in America! Food is amazing. Professors are chill af. It doesn't matter who you are or what you are into, everyone chills together. Go hike the M.
My experience at the University of Montana has been exceptional, challenging, and introspective. The campus offers students the ability to participate in clubs, greek life, or simply enjoy the hiking trials in the surrounding bitter root valley after class. I love UM for its academic quality in liberal arts, valuing artistic ingenuity, and creative elements, as well as its rich educational department. UM has taught me to challenge myself mentally, emotionally, and physically, as a holistic environment where all elements of life are valued.
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