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University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Graduate Reviews

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I haven't yet started the program but I am very excited to join the program and especially for the chance to work with Douglas Kearney.
The academic side of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities is very strong. There is a strong commitment to bring in knowledgable professors and faculty with a wide base of knowledge. The campus is very large with over 50,000 students on campus and online. The area and layout is very nice with the school being separated across the Mississippi river into East and West bank facilities. The school is relatively average in cost when compared to other state schools but has a much larger investment into its students and their futures.
It's warmer in Antarctica. Bring 30 heaters if you want to live within a hundred miles of campus. Other than that though it's an amazing school :)
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It was awesome! The campus is beautiful, you are right in the city of Minneapolis. There is so much to do!
This school has it all- a big city school with the small-town school's personalized approach to education. I have developed very deep relationships with my professors, and I truly feel that they care about my success. I love all of the extra support that I get here.
I have found the experience so far to be tremendous. Communication from professors and staff is top notch.
I graduated with a Master of Arts degree in December and loved the learning experience of small classes and meaningful class work. It was extremely expensive as a graduate student but the knowledge and perspectives I gained are invaluable.
Due to its size, the school has a wide range of opportunities for students to explore. Beautiful campuses. However, if you are a graduate student especially, you may be left to fend for yourself and go through a lot of red tape with little help from administration and faculty.
Minnesota has been an unexpected surprise for me! I've enjoyed getting to know the city and have benefitted a lot from the academics here.
Great University + Great Professors + Great location = Great Education!
This is a very welcoming, lively, and beautiful university. If you like to be close to the city but also surrounded by nature, you will love the location (bring a big winter coat, though!)
Its a great school! It is very diverse and the active. The professors are excellent and very well-read.
The College of Biological Sciences is fantastic and has great research opportunities with the directed research program! The SPH is one of the top public health schools in the country and the professors are invested in their students.
This is an elite school without the elite price tag. The U does a lot of influential research and provides an excellent education. It's one of the most diverse places in Minnesota...which is not very diverse. So hopefully the college can diversify as the rest of the state/country does.
The college has good faculty and services which help students study well. For example, college set several services to provide resources to help students find job wildly, and student center help students plan their career. You could use them in any time, the staff are friendly and have rich experience.
I completed my Bachelor's in Physiology at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. The cultural diversity of this metropolitan area was life-changing for me, as I grew up in small town in rural Minnesota. I made lifelong friends, bonded with highly renowned faculty, and learned lessons that I'll take with me for the rest of my life.
Overall my experience as an undergraduate student and now as graduate student (in the Master of Nursing program) at the University of Minnesota has been great. The academic facilities on campus are truly innovative and technologically advanced. I feel this aspect helps prepare students for the technologically advanced society that we all live in. The diversity of among students is wonderful too as you get the chance to meet and connect with people from a wide range of ethnic & racial backgrounds. The downside is the costs but hopefully the institution's creditability outweighs the costs. Parking can be expensive so I encourage using the light rail or other public transportation. The size of the classes can be large at times so you need to be proactive with connecting with professors but this is good skill to learn anyways.
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