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University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Reviews

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This is a well-known school for education. They are on top of the latest research and development in the field and share this knowledge with their students. The school has its own lab school for early childhood development where students are able to observe child behavior, learn hands-on how to connect and make meaningful relationships with children, and how to conduct basic research.
I got my Master's in Early Childhood Development through the College of Education and Human Development. They had a great program where I could focus my interest in early childhood special education.
Although difficult in certain materials, instructors can explain complicated subjects matters clearly.
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A very open campus with campus life. Educational instruction is great as well, although some professors can be hard to understand due to accents.
Many hands-on opportunities available! Professors are all very knowledgeable and the curriculum (and extracurricular clubs) also for people to explore various interests.
Great community, very supportive! St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses are very different, but both are in the heart of their cities.
The calibre of the professors is excellent. I was able to learn from people at the forefront of their disciplines. The coursework, while rigorous, was manageable and allowed for me to balance work, home and school.
My experience with the University of Minnesota was positive and extraordinarily positive. Through the coursework I completed and the people I met as a student, I was able to grow immensely in my profession.
Most departments provide chances of scholarship and work positions that help most students on financial supports.
it has an open and diverse campus. The good study and working environment make people are able to focus on their major activities.
Challenging, yet engaging and rewarding. An excellent experience at a nationally ranked institution.
I have been more than happy with my medical school experience at the University of MN, Duluth campus. The faculty are passionate and genuinely care if we succeed.
I've enjoyed the community building and engagement opportunities offered by my program (School of Public Health). My cohort is supportive and plans events so students can get to know each other. Sometimes communication (especially surrounding tuition increases and financial aid) is unclear or lacking from the school, which can be frustrating.
My academic experience so far has been that half of my classes are engaging and useful, while the other half seem to cover a lot of fluff and are just too general to feel applicable. The skills based courses have been great, but the content courses have not had the engaging discussions I was hoping for.
The program I did was flexible enough so I could continue working full time. Many resources available on such a large campus.
Great faculty and heightened awareness of mental health (which is wonderful because staff really cares about how you are doing). Very kind teachers
Low pay, hard work hours. Grad students should be unionized.
The administration does not really care about grad students or about making the university better.
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Like any graduate program, there are several flaws. Overall I have enjoyed the faculty and my peers and have been challenged and grown. Changes in administration have made things feel a bit shaky and unorganized, but the faculty in my department cares about my success. I still would recommend this university, though!!!
The university of Minnesota graduate program is full of great professors and students that collaborate rather than compete. It's lacking some diversity, but so is the state of Minnesota.
Strong academics and good support for graduate students. It would be improved by providing free gym access and transportation (local bus pass) for all students.
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