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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Graduate Reviews

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The University allows for me to feel included and learn from the top people in my field. Studying here has opened a myriad of doors for my future as a clinician in the field of mental health. Without the supportive atmosphere, I wouldn't be who I am today!
The University of Michigan Law School is great - very collegial community, and tons of professors who really care and make themselves available.
The University of Michigan is easily one of the best public universities in the country and an incredible place to learn. The teachers are amazing and strive to push you towards excellence. The opportunities here are endless and once you graduate it is no different.
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The University of Michigan is a school that helps build you as student and uniquely equips you with the tools to acheive your dreams.
I have not started classes yet, but the communication and follow through with the university has been exceptional so far!
University of Michigan is a great place. Ann Arbor is a fun city and has a laid back lifestyle. Sometimes the competitiveness other students create between one another becomes ridiculous and annoying but the courses are good. It’s an overall good place
Never stayed on campus, but as a commuter and grad student, my experience was pretty good. Any student can thrive and enjoy their experience as a Michigan Wolverine. I think that is one of the best aspects of a larger university. It is whatever you make it.
The education you receive from Michigan is incredible. Ann Arbor is absolutely beautiful and a fun city to live in during College. However, diversity is lacking on this campus and sadly the school sometimes seems like its more of a corporation rather than an education institute.
University of Michigan is very liberal. You will feel bad if you aren't as liberal as the people around you. Politics is a very hot discussion and should probably be avoided if you want to make friends. That being said it is a very lively city that is very engaged in the various events that happen around campus. There are so many clubs and extracurriculars to be involved in that no one can ever be bored here. Come feed the obese squirrels and live the Michigan Experience.
Wonderful big state school. You get a good mix of "big school" with the sports, wide class offerings, and large student population, but can also get a smaller school feel by joining dorm communities and student organizations.
Challenging and stimulating coursework and discussions. Professors are really great and try to get you to think on your own rather than just giving you answers and things to memorize.
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