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University of Massachusetts - Lowell Graduate Reviews

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I'm currently enrolled in UMass Lowell's online continuing education program. Without a doubt, the professors are some of the best I've worked with in my whole college career. They're so enthusiastic about the material, and will jump to your aid any time you feel that you may need some assistance. It's a great opportunity to connect with students in a similar profession from all over. You work with a diverse group of people from all backgrounds with varying experiences that have a lot to offer, especially in the Criminal Justice field. UMass Lowell has made getting your education incredibly convenient with this online program, but has even gone one step further by opening a new location in Haverhill, MA.
Umass Lowell is a great place to study and has very good athletic teams!! It also has a great atmosphere with full of positive energy!!!
It's my first year in UMass Lowell but I happy the way in which professors teach and their grading patterns and also facilities provided by the University will help me to excel in my field.
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Graduate school of education lacks innovation of forward progress for education. I participated in the doctoral program and was learning a lot of material the first two terms, but then it became redundant and classes seemed to give more busywork than encourage or facilitate any transformative ideas. It was definitely not what I was looking for although it states that it supports and encourages creativity, it does not. It is a traditional education that lacks diversity and creativity, and pushes the same agenda as current public schools do.
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