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University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth Graduate Reviews

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The university if very welcoming to all students which is perfect but they do need to work on how to know the difference between a college and a high school. I feel as though the workers often confuse the students to be very young and give them a lot of restrictions in which their parents do not restrict of them. I know they have to have safety in place but I do feel as though there is a time and place for everything.
I am an online graduate student and I like that the program keeps me busy, with assignments due weekly. The course content is provided at the beginning of the semester and course content is clear and aligned to the objectives and the lectures have been responsive and engaging. To date the admin support has aIso been good. I have been able go get help and information then needed. would recommend to grad students looking for an online program.
good food and a lot of activities to do . CIS program to be tough, coz the course load makes pressure. but overall I happy to study here
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rather than getting students blaming this school, why not to increase admission standards? this uni has everything to be cool, but due to the some low-class level of students it can't get to elite

as an international student I could'n find better place for my pocket
Well, it was a long journey during my MBA program with a lot of nights of case studies, presentations. But at the end I am so happy to coming from this school, since I used to feel myself affiliated to school participating in intramural, attending StartUp Weekend events, and many more activities.
Even being named as one of the "ugliest campuses" in the nation, I still love this "moon-base" school, with its unique buildings, great academic and research exposure and unique culture. Love you UMassD
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