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University of Maryland - College Park Graduate Reviews

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I cannot wait to take my next class! Maryland is a great place to study and advance my career. It will launch me into the next phase of my life better than anyplace else could.
Maryland is an excellent school with many programs to choose from. The administration is accessible and responsive to inquiries and the on-campus life is highly rewarding.
I picked college park for the program/reputation, but I grew up nearby and have been coming to Maryland’s campus my whole life. My Graduate school program was intense, with clinical practice, classes, and outplacement externships, but we felt prepared for the real world post graduation. They were a bit unprepared for the size of our cohort, though, and things were a bit disorganized as a result
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For my degree, a lot was expected of us, and we definitely did not have the work life balance that other students are programs seemed to have. However, in comparing our professional readiness once in the real world, students in my cohort felt way more ready than people we talked to from other graduate programs.
University of Maryland is a research public university in the Washington DC capital area, making it a hub of public and private research projects which is great for graduate school.
I think that the financial support is good. I think that the academics are good--we are prepared well with knowledge needed in the workforce. The surrounding area and accessibility to Washington D.C. is good, giving us good connections and networking. I would like to see more updated facilities on campus.
My specific program has professors who aren't invested in teaching. It's all on your own. Literally. The campus is pretty enough. College Park is relatively boring, but DC is nearby. The student life aspect is definitely focused on undergraduate students, but there are plenty of activities on campus still.
Starting school in the spring, and university of Maryland staff has been exceptional. They have energized me and kept me focused on getting back in the mode of school. The thought of being going back to school became easy, I really appreciate their assistance.
UMD nurtures all of their students, and I feel so welcomed. All my professors are invested in me as much as I am invested in them.
I love the access to faculty and the location. It is easy to get there-train, university shuttle service, and local buses. Several options to eat.
As a graduate student at the University of Maryland I find the overall experience excellent. There are many resources and available technology in the libraries.
I love the individual attention that the instructors do their best to provide. They challenge and educate to the best of their ability.
I have just started my graduate studies at UMD and I am very pleased so far with my program; Masters of Music in Performance. The staff are helpful and the faculty are knowledgable, skilled teachers and renown performers. The campus body of students is very active; there is an unlimited number of things to do and organizations to get involved with. The campus itself is sprawling and beautiful, watching the leaves turn colors in autumn is a wonderful sight. I am very pleased with my decision to attend here for my graduate degree.
The school's football program is a disgrace and needs to be shut down. The University and academic programs themselves have provided a fairly enlightening and enjoyable experience.
The university has excellent resources and I'm thrilled to be somewhere with such robust fine and performing arts programs. As with anywhere, there are organizational struggles and students can get lost in a shuffle of forms, deadlines and paperwork. I don't think that's unique to this university though and I do constantly see signs of my school trying to improve this
So far, I love the experience and the professors I've had. They have an extensive background and serves as great mentors.
During my undergraduate period, this university gave me the opportunity to balance priorities related and unrelated to my academics. Because of that opportunity, I was able to build myself through employment, volunteer, and athletic, and organizational efforts. I am able to balance all of my current priorities at this present time because of my undergraduate journey at this university. Besides focusing on more long-term infrastructure goals that will benefit the campus personnel rather than the public image, I have no concerns about how the university should change.
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I am first-year Full-Time MBA student and I am really enjoying my time at University of Maryland because of the great campus environment here.
The University of Maryland is an extremely large school where a student has to be extraordinarily vocal to accomplish even minor tasks. There appears to be a heavy movement towards on-line classes which provide little instruction and almost no instructor involvement.
a great school to look into if you eant want to take online classess. i was able to balance home, work and school life.
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