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University of Louisville Graduate Reviews

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The university is huge offering valuable resources essential for one to excel in his/her life. The library is big enough to accommodate many people.
I have loved my time at UofL, everyone has been so nice and truly cares about me. I am on the Health Science campus and I always feel safe.
I do wish more job opportunities were present for graduate students. I would like more emails about research jobs or other career-preparatory jobs to be circulated more. The school should reach out for those who have difficulty finding time to network.
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University of Louisville is a good quality institution. They have impeccable athletics facilities, but needs to put significant work into their academic facilities (particularly their library).
The University of Louisville staff is amazing. As a returning non-traditional student they were extremely helpful in getting me back on track to my BA. I will graduate this Summer and will start grad school at UofL in the Fall. The professors are fantastic and always create a challenging yet, very helpful academic environment. Overall the school has a small, family like feel. I would highly recommend UofL to anyone who asked!
I am a current Graduate Student in the College Student Personnel program. my faculty have been awesome! Very helpful, encouraging, knowledgeable, and engaging. The students I am working with are awesome as well!
Can not say enough about the care and attention this school puts into the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their students. Even if not for the academics, if you are a student with disabilities, it is well worth your effort to go here just for those purposes.
I love my professors, the staff, and the available resources. The budget cuts have been really challenging -- all of the Public Administrations online journals have been removed from the library (you can still access them via inter-library loan), and a ceiling tile collapsed in a class room (the Urban & Public Affairs building is old). Despite the budget cuts, my professors have been outstanding, professional, incredibly knowledgeable and devoted to being the best possible.
The University of Louisville offers many different programs to study. Depending on what program you are completing determines how much effort is being made by the professors. The University's number one priority is the Athletics department.
The faculty and sense of community here are fantastic. Everyone I've met so far has been approachable and has gone above and beyond to help me, and there are tons of opportunities to get involved and repay that kindness. The current administration has worked hard to clean up and move past highly publicized administrative issues, and I think the university will be even better in the coming years. It's also a good value as a state university.
I am currently in the online social work program at the Univeristy of Louisville. It has been a fantastic program that has given me the flexibility that I need. The professors work hard to provide me with a quality experience even though I am not at the campus.
For those with research interests, this university is involved in numerous research activities through its qualified faculty. Graduate students may particularly benefit from the research exposure. In addition,there are several scholarship opportunities for students.
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