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University of Indianapolis Graduate Reviews

8 reviews
This is an excellent school with excellent programs and faculty. The school has many different majors and professors that genuinely care about each individual student. The professors make students feel like individuals rather than just numbers and class sizes are small. My only complaint is how many individuals are in each dorm room for their first year due to the increasing class sizes.
I love the facilities, and would love to see more diversity and opportunities for financial aid. The school is pretty small, but the closeness allows for great relationships with peers and professors.
Currently in the online Doctorate degree program. Program is well organized and geared toward adult learners.
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I'm a distance student, pursuing my Masters of Gerontology. I love my professors and the staff! They've gone out of their way to help me succeed there and I feel like part of the campus from 300 miles away. Their system of education for the distance students is easy to work within and fun. It's a great place to go to school long-distance and earn a degree.
University of Indianapolis is great at looking at the needs of students and trying to meet those needs. The professors are super helpful, and extremely nice, and you can tell that they care about the student as a whole instead of just about what they are teaching to the students. Lots of great opportunities here!
The University of Indianapolis has a fairly small and beautiful campus. The city of Indianapolis is beautiful!
I liked how some teachers treat students, they always help with everything, Also, they are making the school better, buliding new buildings and opening new places.
I am a graduate student living off campus so I cannot speak to the food, party scene, or campus itself. U of I is a private faith based school. It is expensive.
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