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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Graduate Reviews

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The University is great for academic exposure. The University focuses on interdisciplinary approach and promotes students to take courses from other departments.
University almost helps everyone with some sort of funding. The overall living cost in UC area is low which also helps a lot of Stevens’s particularly international students. University also has great extra curricular facilities and sports infrastructure. The fact that it is highly ranked and respected the university has a support of one of the largest alumni network in world.
I like that Illinois is working on staying modern and not falling into decay. They don't overly emphasize their athletics department BUT I do not like that they shut down main roads during game days for their team.
The program of Social Work is well defined. The iMSW program is flexible for working parents. The community is supportive and family friendly.
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Its such a great university. you get to meet a lot of people from all over the world and You will get very good quality education
The university has a professional, friendly and diverse environment. The faculty is huge. There are good options for accommodation, food and travelling.
I've been in U of I for almost 6 years (under+graduate), I love the school's environment, the professors passion in teaching and research, and the diversity acceptance on campus.
I started a two year online master's program in the fall, and it has been a wonderful experience to return to school after a 20 year break. The advisor, Katherine, has been an excellent resource and very helpful.
Had a great time as an undergrad. Town is a little too centered around the campus as I move into married life and student diversity could be better, but overall it was a good experience. If you are looking for urban amenities, you will be disappointed. If you want the quintessential college experience while getting a solid education, Illinois is the place for you.
I am an online student at U of I in a masters program. I was attracted to the programs offered in my field, and the application process was straight-forward. During the applications, admission, and registration experiences, you are truly on your own. My "advisor" was the department head who never returned my emails - the coordinators are even less helpful. I say this because I truly had to learn to be resourceful for my own learning track, without the guidance of anyone in my department. I've enjoyed the coursework so far; it's been challenging, the discussions are enriching, and I feel it's benefiting my education.
My four years at UIUC went by so fast. The school is very diverse, I was able to meet people and make new friends everywhere I went. There is so much opportunity to get involved in things that interest and matter to you, and the school boasts world renown academic programs. You can really use your time here to your advantage and propel yourself into your field. I enjoyed my time so much, I went back for two more years in graduate school.
The dorms are nice and offer many amenities. Many students choose to move to apartments after their first year. But the apartments are essentially on campus, so the you remain connected to campus life.
Greek life is pretty big at U of I as there are over 40 fraternities. I can isolate you from non-Greeks, but you can still have fun on campus. Many of the parties and social events revolve around athletics and Greek Life on campus. You do not have to join a traditional fraternity/sorority to have fun at U of I; if you choose to, there are so many of them you can find one that fits you.
This is the 5th rated party school for a reason. You can party five days a week easy if you wanted to. Off-campus bars over a solid nightlife as well as concerts. It's not big city nightlife, but for a college town, it is among the cream of the crop.
The lines are long, but the financial aid office is willing to help you if you qualify. They have scholarships, aid for minorities as well that allows them to go to school.
There are restaurants downtown as well as options on campus. You can eat everything from bar food, to Indian cuisine.
If you want big city living, this town isn't for you; otherwise, it is a great town. Amenities are there and the community is very family friendly.
If you follow the rules, U of I is very lenient.
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School spirit is high here. The football team stinks, but the students and the campus community still fervently support the team!
The curriculm allowed you to think outside of the box and helped you become an avid researcher. Staff was approchable and motivating.
The police are there to assist but can't be everywhere. Dimly lit campus can lead to some crime.
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