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University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate Reviews

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I attended UIC for two years for my undergrad, and decided to continue to complete my Masters in Early Childhood. This decision was strongly influenced by the staff who were very supportive and guided me through applications, schoolwork, and provided opportunities. I especially am grateful to have met with the coordinator of the Early Childhood Masters program a handful of times to talk about the program. Reaching out for help was welcomed and very easy.
Chemical Engineering department was pathetic. I loved the subject so much and I went to pursue my Masters and when I researched about the department, I was told that they offer research scholarships to almost everybody. I was hoping I could get one considering the experience I had in my past. They undervalued my experience and credentials and they took someone who came with a recommendation instead for the research program. I'm not sure who makes all these decisions but I believe they were completely unfair(to me). My advisor promised me a TA and a job interview when I initially joined (of course after graduation) and never bothered to get me one till the end and I ended up spending money from my pocket. "I" wouldn't recommend this university if you are looking for any fairness in the management.
UIC is a lively environment. Although there's a lot of students, there's many ways to get to know most of your peers. The teachers are good and seemingly enjoy their job. Except for the undergrad teachers who went on strike which impeded our learning.
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I am a grad student there. I like the school and the classes. However they recently changed their evening class hours which is not very convenient.
I joined UIC as a graduate student and the experience I have received is top notch. The staff and Professors are really welcoming and more than willing to assist you succeed.
I had a very good time as an undergraduate student at this school. I saw that there were many opportunities for me to develop as a student and also learning a little more about myself and what I really wanted to do with my major. My professors were all helpful in building up my portfolio and resume, and I participated in a number of service projects along the way.
Great place for education. Very helpful professors and staff. Made real good friends and memories here..
University of Illinois at Chicago is a diverse, liberal school with an urban environment. In my graduate program of Public Health, have had a mixed experience with professors and courses. While I have had several good professors, I have also taken several courses which did not seem relevant to my studies and were a major waste of time and money. You will not like this school if you are politically conservative, as you will not find many others who are like-minded.
After researching universities in my field of study, I found UIC to be highly notable. My program was accredited, offered completely online courses, and my admissions coordinator was extremely helpful and organized! Thanks to awesome instructors, I completed my first year of graduate online courses with a 4.0 GPA, and I'm looking forward to continuing at UIC in the Fall!
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Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago is a good school with an excellent location and price. It is pretty easy to find housing, food, and access to jobs. If I were to improve anything about the school it would be to encourage smaller courses with more feedback / interaction between the professors and students.
I enjoyed my time at UIC. The only negative aspect for me was commuting to campus and also the cleanliness of the buildings on campus.
Staff are very helpful, faculty are so knowledgeable and use techniques and methods that help students make the best of their classes. The Tuition and fees are average. Most of the student services office are helpful, not all of them.

Schedules include options for students working full time, so there are evening classes and others on weekends.
I'm an architecture student, and in my opinion, UIC is a really good school. I researched and compared "high ranked" architecture schools in the country; UIC architecture program is highly respected and well organized.
I have an interesting experience with this because I take online classes and live across the country. It is interesting to have such a diverse group of people at different stages in life. The professors moderate our discussion board, spurring us to communicate with each other and ask questions.
I love the diversity and many options of classes to fit for students who work as well as attend school full time.
Great city, efficient and interesting MS EECS course. Tremendous value for a master's degree program.
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