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University of Houston Graduate Reviews

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I loved the professors and the supportive community of students at this university. There are thousands of ways to get involved and stay connected. My education in communication disorders provides clinical opportunities as well as a top of the line education from experts in the field.
A lot of things to do on campus. Classes are tough, but they prepare you to a good extent for work. Sports are pretty big on campus. Clubs are quite active you can run into them doing sales and having events.
University of Houston is a phenomenal school to invest the next 4 years of your life as well as money! For a university level education, it is very affordable and located in an area where living is also very affordable. Even if the school is considered a commuter school there are many organizations ( fraternity, sorority, dance teams, anime club, business clubs ) students can join to make friends and feel more involved in the community. The university offers many majors, 2 professional schools, and many graduate programs. They have branches all over the state of Texas. This university is reputable where freshly graduates do not have trouble finding a job! It is located in an area where major companies or the company of your dreams will hire fresh graduate students full time or offer internships . I would highly recommend this University!
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My experience with The University of Houston has been overall amazing. I personally have had nothing but a positive experience here. I come from a small town and this school was very welcoming and easy to navigate around campus. Professors are nice and overall want to see you succeed.
I only transferred to the University of Houston for my junior year, so I did not have to walk around campus to attend classes. If I had, I think I would be much more hesitant to attend the university, as some of my friends run late to classes attempting to sprint across the campus. However, the professors are wonderful and my major (accounting) is very well regarded by large companies. Recruiting was a breeze.
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I'm currently enrolled in the online social work program. It's so incredibly manageable that it makes working a full time job possible. The ability to work and pursue a masters without accruing more debt or stress is truly amazing. Not to mention the professors are excellent and the administrative staff are wonderful. I applied in 2017 and was offered admission for Fall 2018. I accepted but ended up backing out because another program had given me a scholarship. Unfortunately the other program did not work out in the end and University of Houston let me back in immediately. They just added me to the deferral list as it was well after courses had already started for the semester. They didn't make me reapply or submit another deposit. They were so flexible and willing to accommodate me.
I love UH! It's a diverse community of students and professors full of school spirit. My professors are very knowledgeable in their field and special interests and very helpful and accommodating to students.
I attended The University of Houston for my undergrad degree, and decided to enroll again for my graduate degree. I love the campus and the amazing school spirit. I have had great teachers through out my academic career, and I appreciate everything the school has offered me. The area it is in might not be all that great, but I grew up in the neighborhood and always felt safe. Overall, I love being a Coog!
Very diverse campus with a lot of interesting cultural organizations and students who like to engage with each other on and off campus.
Unfortunately, this online masters in early childhood education program is not deserving of the high scoring received by the US news. It was equal to the level and education I experienced at community college if not worse. The program was created to pump out graduates and not genuinely to teach students best early childhood methods and research. They hook you with outstanding professors semester 1 then water it down semester 2. By semester 3 you can expect the professors to NEVER respond to your emails, NO GRADES and basically NO COMMUNICATION. They lack advanced technology abilities to connect online students with professors: so don’t expect to truly feel like a part of a learning community. On a positive note: it’s EASY to maintain an A+ and receive your certificate.
great university, professors care about their students. intuitions is kind of a lot and there are no scholarships offered. wish they had more resources available to the students. over all great experience.
I love it here! I am currently a single mother of three, working on my doctoral degree, and I take nights classes. All of my professors are caring, considerate, and really want to see me and my other cohort members succeed! All of my professors tend to socio-emotional needs, and treat me with respect! They are masters of their content, and I wouldn't change anything about this University.
The faculty and other classmates are great. The professors are really invested, and though the classes are not easy, they challenge me in a way so that I get the best kind of education.
I liked how the school was organized and the professors were great at teaching and empowering. I would like the university to expand their parking lots because when trying to make it to class, there are no available parking spots.
I attended the Bauer College of Business and it's one of the great colleges that UH offers. In the past, the Bauer college wasn't that great with low quality resources and few companies sponsoring. However, today the college has vastly improved with state of the art technology and renovated classes. Companies have been pouring in to sponsor UH and seek out students to work at their firms. Most of the professors are great in teaching their subject and helping students get ready for the real world. The staff is also great with multiple counselors and academic advisors to help students. The campus is situated within the Third Ward so students do need to proceed in caution in certain areas and time. However, the campus police are quick to respond and notify the student body about theft and safety. The UH campus is constantly expanding and adding new buildings and resources for students to use.
The University of Houston economics department accepted me into its PhD program. I moved cross country to attend the PhD program. After three months in the program, they informed me that they had misread a school's name on my resume, and they were withdrawing my offer of acceptance. I did not misrepresent anything on my resume, and the misreading was their own mistake. I had passed up other graduate school offers of acceptance to go to UH. Yet they did not accept responsibility for their mistake and I paid the price all alone. I would give no stars at all for "Value," "Professors," "Academics," if I could do so.
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