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University of Georgia Reviews

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Classes were engaging and hands on . Class were good lots of variety and stimulating experiences. Loved the campus. Needs more parking.
This is a great school . Diverse friendly great teachers great staff great education good extracurriculars. Great football team . Great programs. Would like to see cleaner rooms .
At UGA you get the best education and opportunities for such a low price. Apart from their brilliant staff, the post-graduate job opportunities that UGA provides is incredible. Many students who attend Ivy League Universities do not have jobs lined up prior to graduating, while more than 80% of UGA's graduating class has a job before graduating. No one can go wrong with a degree from the University of Georgia as they will challenge you to become the best student and person that you can be.
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I have loved my time at UGA! UGA professors dedicate all of their teaching time and large portions of their research time to invest in their students. I truly believe that each student and professor strive to maintain a healthy environment where students can thrive in their respective programs! There is not much that I would like to change about UGA, but one thing that I would change is their parking situation, but that comes with any school. From Saturdays between the hedges to three hour accounting exams, I would not trade the experience for anything in the world.
Overall the University of Georgia has a great graduate program. Athens is a beautiful city and has an exciting social scene and night life. I have met many lifelong friends during my studies at UGA.
As a graduate student I feel supported and encouraged at the University of Georgia. There are many opportunities for students to advance in their professional development. The sky is the limit here, which is exactly how graduate school should be.
UGA provides plenty of academic and non-academic opportunities for me in a MS program. Departments tend to be well connected to each other to provide a community for graduate students.
I enjoyed the atmosphere in Athens. The graduate program was exciting due to many motivated students. For improvement, I wish career counseling had been mandatory throughout my program.
Great program that was highly rated. The education and amount of doors that were opened job wise was great. Availability of assistantships combined with overall cost of the graduate school put me in a lot of debt and I debate whether it was really worth it.
I love being a DAWG! My experience with UGA has been phenomenal and exciting. I have acquired so much knowledge towards my future in Instructional Design and Technology!
The University of Georgia is in a great area. Athens is a really cute college town and there is nothing like a college football game at the University of Georgia. The campus is great and people are friendly. I imagine each graduate school is going to be different but overall I have found the administration offices and financial aid department very easy to work with. They also fund a lot of students thought it would be worth it to look at assistantships that are available in your department.
I gotta admit, UGA has really exceeded my expectations as a student there. The atmosphere of the entirety of the campus scream Bulldog pride, in the flesh. If you're looking for a college with a fun environment, and great access to education, then UGA is the University for you.
I loved my experience at UGA. It is close to my home home so I commuted everyday so I don't have any experience with campus living but I loved being on campus in general. It is a very big campus but with the buses everything is easy to get to, even downtown Athens which has anything you need. I loved my undergraduate major, Human Development and Family Science, and loved each of my professors because I felt like they genuinely cared about our education.
Faculty is very approachable and helpful. They truly want their students to succeed and are always available to answer questions or provide extra help. Overall experience has been very positive so far. There are many opportunities for funding and scholarships. The school values community and provides many ways to get involved with other graduate students. Facilities and campus overall are clean and very well kept.
The School of Social Work amazing . However, the school overall has various racial inequalities -- riding the bus and walking around campus and interacting with other students can be immensely discouraging and degrading and overwhelming
I've pursued undergraduate and PhD education at the University of Georgia and enjoyed my time for both. The campus is great, Athens is a wonderful little college town, and life here is affordable. There are diverse classes and many opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in research.
I have not yet started at the University of Georgia but it is a school known for its academics, athletics, and student life. From what I have gotten to experience first-hand is that the school does a good job of student life.
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so good my son is going their when he goes to college he will learn so much he is in 6th grade he never failed in his life.
The best school in the nation. So many niches on campus come together to make a quite diverse university.
I am extremely impressed with the Graduate program. The professors and staff ate extremely helpful and supportive. The program is intensive, but they help the students successfully navigate through the program.

UGA truly assists their Graduate students in achieving success. I feel more connected with UGA than I did with my undergraduate school.
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