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University of Georgia Graduate Reviews

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I have not yet started at the University of Georgia but it is a school known for its academics, athletics, and student life. From what I have gotten to experience first-hand is that the school does a good job of student life.
so good my son is going their when he goes to college he will learn so much he is in 6th grade he never failed in his life.
The best school in the nation. So many niches on campus come together to make a quite diverse university.
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I am extremely impressed with the Graduate program. The professors and staff ate extremely helpful and supportive. The program is intensive, but they help the students successfully navigate through the program.

UGA truly assists their Graduate students in achieving success. I feel more connected with UGA than I did with my undergraduate school.
Most of the professors care about the students but I've had a couple that do not and only seem interested in their research. The education is good and I am hoping the ROI will be worth the cost in money and time.
I love UGA. It's a great school with lots of resources for whatever you may want to do. Although large and overwhelming as it can be, it is possible and easier than you think to find your niche. People are friendly, and you start to feel like the school is smaller.
UGA is awesome! Athens is a great college town with so many things to do. Football weekends are the best!
I finished my undergraduate studies here, and I am about to attend Law School. Academically challenging, but still people are kind enough to help you succeed, not to trample over you. Quite affordable too.
The University of Georgia is a great place for higher education. The experiences that I am given in the graduate program for speech language pathology have been amazing. They have many connections with placements nearby to give me experiences in a variety of setting to practice my speech and language therapy skills.
An amazing institution! UGA has something for every student, regardless of their intended major or interest. You can be a theater-loving rugby player or a chemistry/hip-hop dance double major and UGA will surely have a club or class that you can get involved in. Not only that but UGA is also located in one of the best cities in the world, Athens, GA!
UGA is diverse not only in academics but encourages pursuits in the arts, sports, and other activities. They have many degree programs and a supportive community.
I loved my experience at UGA but I also didn't realize how many local colleges were also among the ranks. Of course the price as a student for activities and sports is undeniably a steal the ability to form close nit relationships is difficult. Every day I saw a new face and even in more selective major courses I still was unable to form relationships with my professors that would last. The science courses were difficult and not always practical, instead most beginner chemistry and biology courses are weed out and your lucky to survive. Then the real race begins among pre-medical students who want to just get the grades and some professors who cater to those needs instead of learning concepts that are applicable.
I recently read that the UGA endowment has crossed the one billion dollar mark. Has that increase in funding helped me with my student debt? Nope. Has the biology department that I studied in seen any improvements in its facilities? Not that I'm aware of. Where is all this money going? I do know that the new head coach for the football team is receiving over 3 million dollars annually and that college administrator pay continue to rise substantially while the average professor's salary remains virtually unchanged. Moreover, the list of impressive sounding administrator jobs continues to increase with titles like "Dean of", "Chief Officer of", and "Executive" and so on. The dingy old labs of the chemistry and biology departments receive the occasional and obligatory touch-ups. That is to say that we see a new computer or a new coat of paint once in a while. Meanwhile, Sanford stadium is a polished and state-of-the art beacon of Athens pride. Come on UGA, get your priorities straight!
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