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University of Florida Graduate Reviews

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UF is now ranking on 9th position in Top 10 public colleges in USA, therefore, the content of classes is generally high quality. Scholarships, especially in my department are extremely limited and if you are thinking of applying to UF don't count that you will get accurate information by asking about existing scholarships. I am a little disappointed that some of the grad courses (even if they are a lot more expensive) they are taken together with the undergrad students. The campus looks beautiful and offers various environments to study. Another aspect that I deeply dislike is the food around campus. If you are planning to apply brace yourself to cook for yourself or eat chick-fil-a, panda express, papa johns and Starbucks.
The University of Florida is an excellent academic institution. The program directors and professors really care about the students and are interested in their success. They encourage academic excellence and are always willing to lend a helping hand. The program is also one of the top ten in the country, so there is a degree of prestige in attending this university.
The university is gorgeous and I would recommend it to anyone who can actually get in. if you can't get in, transfer in
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Though Gainesville is considered a "small town," the domineering status of the university means that the entire town is like a continuation of the school. There are plenty of opportunities in the medical fields and the arts are also vibrant. However, transportation and parking are a nightmare due to poor planning and lack of encouragement for public transportation. The dorms are depressing, cinderblock with small windows, as are the classrooms. Some of the professors are amazing, such as in the wildlife and animal science departments, but in fields that have higher attendance, such as chemistry or physics, the professors are more inclined to focus on their research rather than their students, leaving the T.A.'s to poorly teach the class.
I loved how quick they are with replying to my questions. They are informative, fast, and professional. Their website could use some tweaks especially on the student center part. But overall everything is great so far.
Helpful programs like Gatorwell and UMatterWeCare and a beautiful campus. No to mention we have a bell tower that students play.
I loved living in a college town. It felt very young and it was a lot easier to focus on schoolwork. There are SO many resources for all students interested in pursuing their academic career further. I was able to explore my interests in many different areas of science through the abundance of volunteer, research and work opportunities. Not to mention, the cost of living was way lower than living in a big city.
I have been enrolled in University of Florida since Fall of 2017. I have embarked on a new and exciting chapter in life and will be working towards receiving my DNP degree. Overall, the experience has been positive, getting used to the online didactic part has been the most difficult but there are a lot of resources and the teachers are very open and communication has been easy.
Attending the University of Florida was the best decision I ever made. Every one from the faculty to the students were easy to work with. The campus is filled with a rich history and I was very glad to be a part of this community. At this very large and prestigous university I felt that I truly belonged and was a member of the Gator family.
I liked that there was a sense of family on campus...which is a pretty impressive feeling to create on a campus that has about 50,000 undergraduate students. Also, I loved my professors and all of my classes; most of the professors really genuinely care about the success of their students and want them to learn and do well. The campus is gorgeous and there is plenty to do on and around campus. One of my main issues is how hard they push research; there is this feeling among undergraduate students that if you aren't involved in research, either through a thesis project or volunteering in a professor's research lab, then what are you even doing with your life? Research is obviously extremely important and necessary work, but it is pushed so hard that many undergraduates feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the time they complete their bachelor's degree. Also, some departments seem to care more about enticing faculty to come to UF and stay there than they do about the students.
Beautiful campus, plenty of amenities, awesome athletics, very affordable for FL residents. More and more is popping up all around Gainesville every year.
Very friendly campus. Great places to eat. Gator Night Fridays (free entertainment, easy to make friends). Horrible parking so plan to take the bus and leave car at home if possible.
It was fine. I wasn't really that involved, and honestly was quite indifferent to the school. I graduated and am now doing an online graduate degree through UF, mainly because it was convenient. I'm not that attached to the school. Gainesville is kind of boring. Great "bang for your buck" though.
There is a very limited amount of fun things to do here, despite the fast spread of the city. There is a very limited amount of fun things to do here, despite the fast spread of the city. There is a very limited amount of fun things to do here, despite the fast spread of the city. There is a very limited amount of fun things to do here, despite the fast spread of the city. There is a very limited amount of fun things to do here, despite the fast spread of the city. There is a very limited amount of fun things to do here, despite the fast spread of the city.
The school is nice. Academics are pretty good. The worst part about it is parking. Not enough parking to accommodate the growing student body. They can’t really expect everyone to be taking public transportation as new students and the school continues to expand. There is also an unfair amount of parking available to professors and staff and for students living on campus compared to students who live of campus. Students who live in campus should have less parking choice available to them because they should encourage them to take public transportation as it is easier to take advantage of that for them.
University of Florida is a great option for those looking to pay in-state tuition and go to a college in a smaller city. The campus has a lot of charm, and the professors are exceptional. There is no shortage of extracurricular activities, so no matter what your interests, there is a group for you. UF also offers great study abroad and internship opportunities. For those looking for an on-campus job, there are plenty FWS and non-FWS positions available. The gym is pretty good, and the RTS buses make it easy to get around campus and town. The food and bar scene is just OK, but you'll meet a lot of great people who will enhance your experiences. The nature scene in Gainesville is beautiful, and there are many state parks for people who enjoy hiking and kayaking.
The University of Florida is the flagship University of the state of Florida. It is an excellent research University, however, this shows as sometimes the professors are hired as researchers first, professors second. While this hurts the professor rating the University if bar-none the best ROI you can get in the state of Florida and high on the list for most of the United States. Recently ranked a top 10 public the University's academics and reputation are recognized. I would recommend to anyone to go here as a double-degree Gator.
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I am in the Ufutures program at UF. I received a scholarship for the first half of the program. I want to continue the second half of the program but haven't found funds to do so. I would use the funds to take grad school classes to effectively teach middle school science.
At UF, you're family. Being a part of the Gator nation is a welcoming and exciting experience, and has provided me with the best 4 years of my life so far.
The University of Florida is a great place for students to study and well as chill out. The weather is great and people are super friendly. Various clubs and events make the university experience a very enjoyable one. The fees are a bit on the higher side, hence I would like to change that.
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