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University of Colorado - Boulder Graduate Reviews

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I was so excited to come here when I was in high school and was very let down. They tell you that only 25% of students are in Greek life, yet you were considered weird if you weren't. Most people focused on partying, there was a lot of people who cheated in class and on tests, and teachers made classes way too hard. It was almost impossible to get an A, even in basic 101 classes.
Such a diverse group of classmates. Professors I always wanted to take based on reading their books. The morale amongst the students is very high and kind. This has to be the most beautiful place on the planet.
I do like the school and the teachers, but the parking is an issue. It is very expensive and the traffic is ridiculous. I am VERY disappointed in the school not giving the same financial aid to summer students as they do for the fall and spring. It feels like I am being punished for going to summer school. Also the complete lack of financial aid for graduate certificate programs is ridiculous, again I feel like I am being punished for being a non-degree student. It that way this school feels very bias and discriminatory and old fashioned.
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An overall Wonderfull experience. Would not change it for the world. There is a niche for everyone and a great education! IPHY program rocks.
Possibly one of the best universities out there, especially for my field. Great community, friendly people, access to pretty much everything a student needs. Promotes a healthy lifestyle, has great culture, and proximity to the amazing city of Denver. Great campus, and facilities available.
Professors at Boulder are willing to engage with and challenge students. The new college within CU assists students with degree trajectory and credit fulfillment to ensure success. CU Boulder is lacking in diversity but the city itself is quite beautiful, safe, and fun to live in.
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