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I liked the diversity at the University of Cincinnati. I wished that more classes were available online.
The program involves learning in the classroom as well as hands-on activities. Experiential learning is also an essential component.
I was in the speech-language pathology program at UC. Unfortunately the department is a mix of amazing people who would do anything for their students and gaslighting narcissists. If you have an abusive clinical supervisor good luck getting any help. However, most of my placements were fantastic and they have made a lot of changes to the classes side of the program since I've left which seem really positive. The campus health center is pretty great, although I have had several negative experiences with the counseling offered. I can't really speak to the clubs, organizations, facilities, etc. as I really didn't use any other than the library.
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The classes were largely useful and informative, although when I was there we were sitting in the same room, all day, Tuesday and Thursday. With no windows. The new Health Sciences Building has windows, though, and they seem to have changed the class schedule, so hopefully future classes aren't pure torture.
My department (Criminal Justice) houses some of the top scholars in the field. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to take their classes. There is also a strong emphasis on research methods and statistics.
The experience at UC has been good. In my department (Criminal Justice) graduate students typically get funding for 4-6 years depending on productivity and progress made toward degree.
The academics are challenging but the staff are always here to help. I enjoy it a lot it. I get help when I think I can do better and that’s what I love.
I had a great time at this university! I really enjoy the academics and staff here! I love the involvement with the students and curriculum.
Coursework at UC is very engaging and the other students in my program have been great. With it being all online we have a lot of students from all over the US so it has been great to meet others from around. The classes have been challenging and very helpful in the degree I am seeking.
University of Cincinnati has been great with getting me back into the school routine and starting my master's. The advisers have been easy to reach out and find the next steps to keep me on track for the following semesters and course work.
Overall a good but very tough experience but I felt well prepared for life after grad school and joining the work field
I liked the campus. It was a nice looking campus. I liked the student resources. I did not like the lack of helping students to secure a practicum and internship.
A great place to do graduate work in philosophy that allows for broad interdisciplinary research. The cost of living is cheap, mid level stipends, and a booming art scene. The campus and city are beautiful with lots of green spaces and cool events in walking distance. Great facilities, growing campus, and great connections to outside organizations.
UC grad school has a high diversity rating catering to many international students. Being one of those students, I felt welcomed due to their programs and activities. Our graduate student associations have good communication so you know what’s going on in other graduate programs. It is easy to meet other grad students in other departments. I wish they encourage more research collaborations with other fields.
It has been the best experience ever. I am so glad that I am at this school. The campus small and is easy to get around. They Have the best staff.
The graduate program I am in is the Doctoral program for Nursing Anesthesia. They have done a wonderful job of keeping everyone informed and communicating necessary priorities. The program director, along with the faculty, always ask the students for feedback and truly do what they can when issues arise to help us be successful.
The University of Cincinnati is an excellent school in a fast growing city. The school is well diverse and has excellent professors that are supportive and prepare its students for life.
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I am enrolled for January 2020 into the Accelerated, Direct Entry Master of Science IN Nursing Program. In the application process, they actually look at you as an individual when considering an applicant for nursing. So excited to begin my journey at UC in this unique program!
Great program for distance learning in education. The STEM teaching program uses so many different resources that you can use in your school.
I enjoyed the campus and I'm thankful for professors that set you up to be successful in the class. They give you the tools and support you need to do well.
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