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University of Cincinnati Graduate Reviews

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My less than sub par experience as a grad student at the University of Cincinnati has a lot to do with the particular program that I am enrolled in. It is very disorganized and they don't value their students. I'm simply paying for a piece of paper instead of gaining the education I need.
I think that UC has a great name and is one of the top schools in our area. I believe that having a degree from this school is looked highly on.
I like the amount of difficulty seen in most courses at the university. However, I would like to see more consistency in course difficulty. If an easy A elective is what you need there are dozens of minimal and no work classes to get you there. Overall, this is a great school, and I have very little negative to say about it
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So far as a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati, I have loved the online program. It has allowed me to work full time while also earning my degree at night and on the weekends. Its perfect for someone who has been out of college for a while and has more responsibilities.
I am a current graduate student at the University of Cincinnati! All my courses are online, and I have been super impressed with how well done a 100% online program has been put together. The notes are given in lecture form, so you still get the same experience that you would get in a seated class. (Other than the interaction, of course) Study sessions and web seminars are provided frequently for that interaction though. Overall, I would rate my experience so far as five stars!
My best memories are I was in college are on my Senior year are

Working with University of Cincinnati IMG Of Bearcats Sports Marketing as I was there Professional Photographer and Social Media.

I was working with University of Cincinnati Cheerleading and I was a Professional Photographer and Social Media.

VIP for University of Cincinnati Football as Professional Photographer and Social Media.

I wish I be a Team Member/ Cheer and Dance Photographer
Great to be here. Beautiful campus. Top-notch professors. Having high expectations on investment returns
I went to architecture grads school in DAAP. The working load in insanely heavy. I did 78 credits within two academic years for five semesters. Yes we did have another one year internship for 3 semester. It seems that the UC’s architecture school go down the road. The professors desperately want to go back to higher ranking by slaving grads students. We have endless workload and never get any rest in school, have no time to focus on personal research. All we did is to survive in school. I don’t feel Ilearned valuable knowledge. I highly don’t recommend to go to UC.
My time so far has been short but they have so many 4 year programs and opportunities to expand your education with graduate school.
I start Master of Biostatistics in college of Medicine Department of Health Environments, that was wonderful experience.
The university is big and beautifully built. I like the diversity and the architecture of the school. I also like that most professors are professional and good at teaching. I think that every thing is pretty decent. However, the garage permits are very expensive and the equipment for the labs are old. Basically, if they pay more attention to buying new equipment than building pretty buildings, it may drive more students to stay local!
I love the programs. I love the buildings. I love the student organizations. Five stars to the faculty and staff. If you are into sports, UC has you covered.

The thing that bugged me the most, I just hate how it is so dirty. If you are in an older building, they don't clean it. Black filth on the railings and door handles. One Edwards Center has so many cobwebs above their revolving doors, looks like it belongs in a haunted house. Garbage on the ground, everywhere. ERC's elevators base trim is caked in dirt.

Other than that, Go Bearcats!
University of Cincinnati is a great place for learning and growth. Professors are very dedicated towards the success of their students. Their knowledge is state of the art and up-dated. The technology support and library resources are incredible.
I love the diversity at University of Cincinnati. The professors all welcome every learner and their input in group discussions. Every student is made to feel valued and important.
The University of Cincinnati's connection with the academic learning environment at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center is a huge benefit for those interested in, or currently pursing a medical-related degree.
I have appreciated my time at the University of Cincinnati. The exposure to real life situations within my career has been wonderful. I'm eight months away from graduating and have a lot of employers taking notice of me because I will graduate with so much on-the-job training. Also, the cost to attend graduate school was much lower than other graduate school options. It helped make graduate school possible, which is huge.
I enjoyed the flexibility the University of Cincinnati offered in completing my classes. As a non traditional student, the huge option of courses available was perfect. Some I took on campus, some on line. They all worked with my busy schedule.
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I enjoy the range of co-op options built into many of the degree curricula available for each major, it assure that you will graduate with workplace experience in your field and possibly a job immediately after. Not every major has one but internships and courses on career building are always available.
I am a grad student. I did not attend UC during my undergrad years. Due to the fact that I am a grad student most of my classes are online. I have no time for campus life. The professor have a great experienced background and are very helpful.
Amazing school, amazing value, Hottest college in America! Best internships and co-ops. Great people. Fun times.
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