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University of Central Florida Graduate Reviews

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Great advisor and professors on line program. I always receive constructive criticism and the classes are sufficiently challenging.
The University of Central Florida is one of the best schools to attend. Each college focuses on pushing you to your max potential and giving you the best choices for all of your classes. Along with great classes to get to your career, are hundreds of different clubs to join that could bring out your creative and athletic side, or can help boost your studies in your career. Aside from academics is also the best sports teams in the nation and the best college life there is. UCF is the best school to attend for getting a great job and career and for making new friends while having fun.
UCF is overall a great school with plenty of academic and social opportunities. This campus is also very safe, and security typically responds to emergencies in less than five minutes.
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Throughout my undergraduate career I have been able to serve others through providing guidance and advice to younger students, serving the poor and refugees through my religious community, and creating an inclusive environment as part of the University of Central Florida. The culture of the campus has prepared me to continue to serve my community, diversify the professoriate, and mentor underrepresented students. UCF has been a great opportunity for me to grow as a scholar.
Great Masters program- great professors- ability to go online- access to great classes. Teachers reach out to students when needed. Requires you to work hard and study. Great place to earn a masters degree from and the cost is super effective ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Very nice environment and the foot ball team is very good. In terms of academics, this is a very rewarding investment. There are a lots of research there and companies come all the time to hire students.
I love UCF. While there is a vibrant culture of student life, from football games to clubs and volunteer opportunities, this by no means a "party school." During my undergrad I felt free to focus on my studies and excel academically. UCF offers a lot of free services to its students, such as the counseling center, so that we can priorities our health and well-being.
The Knights community is very close despite it being one of the largest in the nation. There's always something to do on campus due to clubs and organizations and everything.
I had an amazing experience at University of Central Florida earning my undergraduate degree in May 2011. I am so looking forward to returning there, in just one week, to begin studying towards my masters!
A great school that always felt welcoming and comfortable. As large as it is, I think the design of the campus is the most logical of any campus I've ever been to. It's circle design makes it so that everything is pretty well organized, with the Student Union in the center. Its relationship with Orlando as a whole is so advantageous to pretty much any student, since Orlando is a hub for all things STEM, art, communications, education, etc.. I loved UCF's cultural diversity; It speaks to the importance of knowing a world outside of your own. I am returning to UCF for my master's degree because I loved it there that much. Perhaps my only complaint is the amount of construction that always seems to be happening and the difficulty in finding parking if you have to drive your own car. But these are probably complaints at any college/university. I would highly recommend UCF to anyone looking to earn a college degree, high school seniors or otherwise.
I have been going to UCF since I was a freshman and I am not a graduate student! There are so many events throughout the school, so many resources, and so much guidance provided whenever asked. And don’t get me started on tailgating. Best times of my life!!
Its too big now. Some programs still focus on the students, but others have so much interest you cant meet with them for information without already being accepted. Great education after you're enrolled.
I'm in an online MSW program and they do a wonderful job of developing a classroom and community feel while I am not on the campus.
I graduated in December 2017 and liked it so much I am continuing there for grad school. The professors I have had genuinely care about what they teach. Even for a large university, in my program, Hospitality, the course offerings are exceptional as are the professors and even the office staff. Of course the location of Rosen College of hospitality is excellent, too!
I LOVED UCF. The community was extremely open-minded, friendly, fun, hard-working, and eager to succeed. I started as a Biomedical Sciences major, and they do quite a good job of weeding people out early. Because some of the classes were so difficult, I watched my classes shrink as the years went by. UCF did provide a great foundation for learning though. Everyone was trying to help you succeed and be the best that you could be.
I visited the University of Centra Florida for a campus tour, and it was amazing. I learned about the diversity: clubs, games, concerts, campus life and more.
I like that UCF is so diverse, however, with diversity often comes a security issue. I feel safe on campus during the daytime but am wary, as a female, of taking classes on campus in the evening.
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The tuition is fair, and the staff in financial aid were helpful. however, the overall process for admission could be improved if there were dedicated staff to answer questions. By the time you get switched around to different people to find answers it would take less time and frustration if one person had the answers.
This university, although it has about 66,000 students, is highly recommended for those who want to earn a degree or develop research expertise. For undergrads, this is a place that you can enjoy both extraordinary academic and student life. The supportive facilities here are awesome, the campus is very nice, and lots of fun activities are here. The only bad thing is the garage parking and traffic - you have to plan ahead for parking your car or go to the campus, otherwise you will miss your class!
I just recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelors in Political Science and a minor in Sociology. I am proud to be a UCF Knight and my time spent at this school will forever be cherished.
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