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University of Central Arkansas Graduate Reviews

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I loved getting to be part of such a great sports team and there are so many things going on campus that I didn't want to miss out. Student Activities does a great job of entertaining students and fulfilling needs of the students from all different backgrounds and cultures. I learned a lot just by attending events to make European, Asian and Spanish students feel welcome.
The faculty and staff I have encountered are welcoming and empowering. The student body is also accepting and innovative ranging from high accreditation in business to physical therapy. The campus is beautiful and how can you resist a school colored football field?
I love the people here, the campus is beautiful, and I love working and attending classes here. I feel at home once I step foot on this campus.
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The Education faculty and staff are so helpful. They will go out of their way to help with any question or issue you may have.
Low tuition paired with great academics
30 minutes from Little Rock
Beautiful campus experiencing growth
Very active student body
The library is open Sunday afternoon to Friday Afternoon 24 hours a day. The Network is very reliable but wireless access for phones and laptops is pretty spotty. Laptops are convenient, but definitely not necessary to be successful.
Lots of diversity on campus and people are very accepting. There aren't lots of challenges in regard to ethnic/racial diversity. People and professors are quite friendly. We have more poor students than rich. Religious groups are easy to find on campus- 99% Christian. Political organizations are few.
Alcohol is pretty prominent. A lot of residents smoke pot. Peer pressure really isn't bad unless you are in a fraternity. Policy enforcement is only harsh if someone is being disrespectful/ destructive.
I love being less than a 10 minute walk from anywhere I want to go. Living on campus is convenient and inexpensive, but meal plans are pretty annoying. Dorms are good if you get along with your roommate. The housing process is easy, but UCA housing is at 110% capacity. Bernard and Conway Hall are the best places to live. Hughes is pretty crazy. Carmicheal has wayyyy to much fighting and drama.
Police aren't really friendly and they're pretty lazy. RAs do most of the disciplinary work. Alcohol use isn't too strict. Just have a Designated Driver and they don't care, but they are very strict on Drinking and driving.
Conway is a small, Old town. There aren't really any attractions other than Toad Suck once a year. Shopping is poor. No sports and recreation. Campus is very vibrant, but it's located in a relatively lonely town.
Almost all restaurants offer a student discount (10% off). We have really cute restaurants with unique options like Pitza 42! Moe's is good and has HUGE portions. There are typical fast food places like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendys, Zaxbys, Subway
We have a beautiful campus. Tuition is very cheap. Our school has a good premed program. I love how many students are friends. It's amazing to see so many people I know on a campus that is has the second largest enrollment in Arkansas.
Our Fraternities have houses. Sororities do not have houses, but UCA is currently in the process of building a Greek village. Greeks often live in apartments together. Pledging is pretty hard on a student's grades.
Look into Financial aid early. Apply for UCA Foundation Scholarships because some aren't even given out each year because no one applies. Go to Financial Aid office with any questions and be VERY persistent.
Girls wear leggings and tshirts during winter and nike shorts and tshirts in the summer. People hardly dress up unless it is Greeks pledging. UCA has lots of small parties at Frat houses. Dress is very casual. Long term relationships are very rare. There is practically NO PDA on campus because people are just hooking up at night. On the other hand, the are TONS of wonderful friendships on campus. Boys dress casually as well. A lot of them underdress when the weather is cold. Intramurals are a really good way to make friends and find a gym partner.
I am a Nutrition Major completing Pre OT prerequisites. UCA is the only college in Arkansas with an OT program. The workload is not bad and classes are very enjoyable. There are a lot of medical facilities close to UCA so internships are easy to get. There are lots of job opportunities on campus. Facilities are very nice. The Nutrition Building has 13 kitchens that I know of.
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UCA is special due to its medical degrees as well as fine arts program. The registration process is easy and workload is not overly hard. Study abroad is highly encouraged.
People here are so diverse. We have lots of foreign students. I love meeting friendly people. At the beginning of school, guys are full of pickup lines, but it calms down after the first month. You get what you look for.
Several food places accept dining dollars which is great! Zaxbys is right by Wendys and WalMart on Dave Ward and Zaxbys has college night where students get a whole meal for like $4. The food and service is great. Subway, a chinese place, and pizza place are right across the street and they're yummy. Pitza 42 has a great mission to provide 1 meal for a child for each meal that is bought and their pizza is pretty healthy. It's a great atmosphere and they have delicious dessert pizzas. They have a neat selection of traditional or make it yourself toppings.
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