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University of California - Los Angeles Graduate Reviews

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The campus infrastructure is up to date and the diversity is great. The food is also very good which not very many UCs can say about themselves.
UCLA is a fabulous college that provides its students with all the resources they need to survive. Beyond that, it is a beautiful campus. During my undergrad time here, I spent my days studying in the tranquil sculpture garden and eating at the various restaurants located on campus. I spent four great years here and I wish I could do it again.
LA is such a great city. Located in sunny Southern California, people are highly optimistic and happy. There is a great sense of wellness, health and work life balance that is unlike any other city in the USA. Beyond the people and the environment, there is so much to do, the nightlife is lit with clubs, concerts, community events, and the days are full of outdoor activities like surfing, skating, sailing, running, biking, and almost anything else you can think of doing on a warm afternoon. Probably the best part about the city is the diversity and the feeling that no matter who you are, where you came from, we are all equal and working towards the same goals of hope and prosperity for ourselves and surrounding community.
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This is by far one of the best college campuses in America! The school is large and very beautiful with breathtaking architecture. The school community is close knit and very diverse. I won't mention about the weather, you have to experience it by yourself.
I am a graduate student currently entering and my experience has been wonderful with all the staff. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming.
I believe that the strongest selling point for you UCLA is that is located in a city many opportunities and in terms of student life allows students to fully engage in the campus community with excellently planned events. However, there are a few aspects that have negatively affected my experience there.. humanities are left to sub-par facilities, there isn't enough or well organized support for first generation college students (especially 1st gen grad students), undergraduate students are often treated like a number with little engagement with their professors. At the graduate level, funding is not enough to compete with increasing LA living expenses.
Overall UCLA is a great school with many great opportunities. The only downfall of the school is inconsistency of some professors. While they are great at research, they might not be the best professors. However, I found that UCLA is what you make of it.
The loacation, people, attitude, and culture are all amazing. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to be active members in all areas of college life.
UCLA Law provides a warm, both literally and figuratively, environment that fosters deep analytical thinking. The sense of belonging and collegiality is unmatched, especially in law school where it is typically a dog-eat-dog world.
The University of California, Los Angeles is one of the best universities nationally and internationally. The faculty are first rate and the students are interesting and motivated. UCLA is an excellent value with a beautiful campus and endless opportunities.
UCLA has really knowledgeable professors and rigorous curriculum. I only gave 4/5 stars though because it is such a large, research based school, that sometimes support services for students are not easily accessible.
The campus is very nice and the classes are in great updated condition. The library is great for the students to have free time and work on assignments. The staff have the attitude that they want to be there because they love their jobs. Also, the students that are attending told me very positive opinions about why I should look into of applying there.
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