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University of Arizona Graduate Reviews

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UofA has been helpful, supportive, and flexible. They are by no means easy, but they go out of their way to help you succeed. They're expensive, especially for out of state students, but that is an industry problem not unique to UofA. The education I'm receiving is high-quality, well funded, and relevant.
My experience at the University of Arizona is very good. I like the campus setting; classrooms are in good condition with advanced new technology in them. The university is very inclusive for international students and people of color. The university is very active in sports; it has a very nice recreation center that opens till midnight. I feel very safe inside the campus. The campus has a nice and huge food court but there are fewer options for a vegan. The main library opens 24 hours which is a very useful resource for a graduate student. Regarding, housing I mostly lived outside of campus but hearing from friends campus housing is okay because they are pricey for what students get. The local area around the campus is okay. Overall university is very good.
The changes I would like to see at the university are more vegan food options and affordable housing for the students.
The University of Arizona is an excellent universe that puts its students and their academic progress first. From providing leading faculty in a variety of fields to offering an array of student-centered organizations and events, the University of Arizona is simply unparalleled. As an incoming graduate student, I have felt supported, welcomed, and intellectually stimulated by all University faculty and staff. The University offers competitive sports scholarships and opportunities, as well as other academic funding opportunities to underserved and diverse populations. On top of that, the local Tucson area is rich with cultural diversity, community programming, and outdoor adventures (e.g., hiking, observatories, and more) that serve to enrich students’ lives outside of the University community.
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U of A provided me with a great undergrad experience. I loved the campus and had amazing classes. My chemistry professors were great and my jazz (music) instructor was one of the best teachers I've ever had. There were also many non-academic opportunities like clubs and events that made the experience that much more enjoyable.
The University of Arizona is an ever growing University offering classes on a multi-modal platform to allow each student to succeed based on their best learning modality.
My favorite program is the Writing Skills Improvement Program. Every other week I meet for free with a Professor for 50min to check my writing. I can ask questions about grammar and writing style. It also forces me to write on a regular basis. What a wonderful program!

I love the farmer’s market that comes every week on campus. It is very diversified. You can get a good lunch, or buy homemade prickly pear jam (my favorite), or get small accessories made by local artists.

I also use the online chat service of the library. Whether I need access to a Journal database, a newspaper, or I am looking for a software, librarians are always helpful!

These really improved my experience on campus!
The professors are very nice and helpful. They have a wide selection of programs available. The campus is very diverse.
Universirty of Arizona is an excellent university, with a diverse and active student population, and faculty who care about student success. It is located close to a vibrant downtown and is the center of activity for Tucson, Arizona. U of A athletics are successful nationally and bring attract fans to all types of games and activities. The community surrounding the campus is community oriented and offers outreach activities and community events for all of Tucson to enjoy. University of Arizona is a great place to be!
I had troubles with communication with some of the staff in different programs, but when I do get a hold of them they are extremely helpful. The education and experience I have had through my bachelor's and in my master's has been fantastic!
The University of Arizona offers a variety of different educational opportunities. It is a safe and inviting campus with a diverse student population.
I love how big the University of Arizona's campus is and how many resources are available to all students, whether it is academic help or something fun to do after class. Something I think the school could improve on is the diversity of the students on campus.
As a grad student at UA, I have greatly enjoyed my time here. The area is fantastic and there is plenty of affordable housing perfect for students. The education has been great as well and there are many opportunities for funding. Tucson is a fantastic place to learn!
U of A is a welcome university that attempts to meet the needs of all their students. I think in my experience being in a large university their professors have really attempted getting to know their students and their goals. U of A's professionalism in providing the best education to their students is apparent and believe any student could be successful. I would ask for U of A to continue to working on making their classrooms more accessible to those from a distance.
The university of Arizona was my first school since I move here in US. I was very welcome by all the faculty members when I was looking for information and my graduate advisor was very nice and comprehensive with me. I got all the information and follow up on time .And now I am taking all my classes without any issues.
The campus is very diverse, accessible and safe.
The only change we can make is to give free or discount parking to student.
I love the Main Campus, the diversity at the U of A, and the variety of the course material offered in my program. I've met students of a huge variety of countries who share their culture and experience with others, which helps enrich the understanding of their peers of other countries. This gives a sense of being a 'global society citizen'; I never felt a stranger here even though I was the only student to represent my nationality.
Also, as a graduate student in French, I never imagined that native speakers of French and Canadian origins are teaching in the South Western parts of the US.
If I could, I would facilitate the laws and regulations for the international students who wish to gain job experience related to their program. For now, such regulations do not seem flexible enough to me.
The campus is beautiful. Tucson is a wonderful place to live, and the weather is phenomenal. My particular academic program was fantastic, and allowed me to become a competitive applicant for graduate school.
This is my first semester as the international graduated student in field of architecture. I found this university great because of its interesting architecture and diverse building design of every college and building as well as the nice behavior of all faculty specially with an international students
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The faculty members that I have worked with in the Cancer Center are very supportive and knowledgable. Living in Tucson very affordable. Tucson is a progressive city which hosts several local art spaces, resturaunts, breweries and festivals.
There are several aspects that I like about the University of Arizona among which I would like to talk about its academics, diversity and student life.
Regarding the academics, I am really happy about studying PhD in Mechanical Engineering because of the high-level courses that they offer which have provided me with the state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of my research. Besides, these courses are instructed by really experienced and knowledgeable professors.
Regarding the diversity, I have got to know students from variety of countries which provide me with the opportunity to get familiar with different cultures.
Regarding the student life which is also related to the diversity, I have been able to make a lot of friends which are in same situation as me being an international student. It has made it really easy for me to get adopted to a new life far from my family.
The University of Arizona is a great place to study especially because the weather is nice all year, so your mood is not affected by weather unlike schools in other areas. I wish that there were more healthier and cheaper options for food on campus.
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