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University of Alaska Fairbanks Graduate Reviews

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This is a small campus where people keep to themselves for the most part. Don't expect parties or large events. The college is especially geared towards engineering for the mining industry, but does include other degrees.
My graduate level classes have brought together students from a wide variety of backgrounds, with stron academic abilities. The variety in interests resulted in a much more rounded educational experience.
There are people from all over and you never know who you might meet or where they may be from.
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I have never seen or heard of anyone on campus using drugs, and have never had to deal with drunk students.
The housing accommodations can be good depending on what you get.
There isn't really a party scene here.
Nights are cold so everyone just stays inside.
There are a lot of athletic groups on campus.
It seems like alot of stuff is just thrown out there with no concern about whether the students understand it.
The campus isn't big enough to really have people problems.
Now that I'm getting ready to graduate, I'm seeing just how unprepared I am to enter the work force.
A little bit of everything, but only a very little bit.
Greek life is basically non-existent here.
The courses I was interested in at this school are very limited. Being a computer science student, most of the interesting subjects had only one class on the subject. For example, there's the one introductory AI class, and the two classes on computer graphics. Also, keep in mind that if you come here for computer science, you need to be doing lots of self-guided work outside the classroom. The classes teach the needed basics, but you could go through three years of the curriculum and never know how to get a program out of an IDE. There is a masters program offered, but you will be in the same class alongside the students taking the basic class. You just need to do a presentation each week, I believe. About half of the teachers in the department seem cool and care, but the rest do not. The math teachers are good though.
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