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University of Alaska Anchorage Graduate Reviews

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UAA is a great campus with a ton of local beauty. The library is very good and the librarians extremely helpful. I am taking online classes. And the attention from the professors is excellent. I feel like I am a valued member in class and the expectations to contribute are high. Which leads to a dynamic and positive learning environment.
It allowed me to obtain a degree for pretty cheap. But if I had the option, I would go out of state for college.
While graduate program department faculty has been fantastic, the school overall is in shambles. They can barely afford to keep to keep anything running, and they are running on a skeleton staff and faculty. Which I'll admit isn't their fault. The state of Alaska only provides them with an operational budget that covers the minimum basics. Parts of the campus are in dire need of updates, but the school can't afford to make the necessary updates. Additionally, often more money gets funnelled to UAF all in the name of it being the flagship and research insititute then UAA when UAA has a much larger student population and a great potential for research.
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UAA is not a typical 4 year college. Students who are looking for a party school will not find it here. UAA has a diverse group of students and diverse classes to meet those students needs. I'd like to see more programs offered at UAA.
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