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University of Alabama - Birmingham Graduate Reviews

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Excellent opportunity to complete my graduate degree online. The flexibility in the schedule, open modules, and assignments allows me to work at my own pace while still working to provide for my family. There is an area of opportunity for the students to get to know the professors and vice versa. A student and faculty mixer while on campus would be a good idea and should be implemented.
Good balance of student life and academics, loved the campus, underrated college, good for pre-med students as well as business students
Overall, my experience with UAB has been wonderful! The city is vibrant and fairly diverse, while still maintaining the classic southern charm characteristics. People on my side of campus (medical campus) are very friendly and I love that the food scene caters to the students — the bars serve their drinks in science laboratory beakers! The campus itself is very nice and the hospital is well kept. My classrooms are clean and have excellent technological services, which contrasts quite significantly to some of my undergraduate college’s older rooms. The education I have received has been very helpful and thorough, and it seems as though the professors really are interested in the success of their students (as I’d hope they’d be...). Certain areas of Birmingham feel fairly unsafe, but aside from that characteristic that most cities have, there are many incredible neighborhoods of Birmingham that aren’t (i.e. 5 points, Highlands, etc).
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I love the campus and student life of UAB. With online graduate program would love to see more on campus activities to interact w/students & Professors during semester.
Almost finished with my degree. The Graduate office is most pedantic, inflexible department I've ever worked with. No interest in students. I'm on my second graduate degree...never again with them.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham was my number one choice in advancing my career in Family Nurse Practitioner graduate school. UAB has the top board pass rates as well as success in the program. Although the construction on campus is bothersome, the advances and appearance of the campus are much needed and appreciated.
This is my first year at UAB & the attention from the staff is amazing. I will be starting as an accounting graduate student and so far I have been well connected with the department and I know what to look forward to with my semester!
I love UAB because you get to experience a world that is extremely diverse! While it is so different in many ways, you are able to bring your own uniqueness to UAB and become apart of their family. They encourage and accept all types of individuals in order to not only support the students attending the school, but support the future of the world. With UAB being able to accept and welcome such a diverse group of individuals it only benefits them more and continues to grow their success, because they learn from each other and grow with each other, making their goal to better society as one family.
Awesome Online accounting program! I am interesting in getting a CPA designation ant he programs and options that UAB offers has a tailor made structure to fit traditional and non-traditional students from all over the world!
The University of Alabama at Birmingham is diverse university, leading in areas like engineering, medicine, and research.
I have really enjoyed how the atmosphere is at the University. The people and teaching staff are very helpful and welcoming. The instructors are very involved during class settings and classes, always willing to work one on one with students and get to know you. Very helpful and great atmosphere. The instructors really care about you learning and making sure that you succeed not only in life but as an individual. They help prepare you for the real world and for your Careers once you Graduate.
UAB provides students with a great education and a unique college experience. There are many opportunities around the city to get internships and jobs after college.
I had an awesome experience at UAB. Campus life is nice. Classes are difficult, but if you go to office hours, and get to know you terchers they are willing to help you. Be sure to get involved in on campus life. This allows you to make new friends as well as network with others. Be sure to network in college. UAB is a great place for it!
My experience at UAB has been great. The education here is first rate and there are many opportunities in the area to make connections in your area of study. Also, the Birmingham area is fantastic and has so much to offer in the way of food, fun and activities.
This is a very good institute dedicated to quality research and the professors are professional and they make students read and work hard.
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