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University at Buffalo, SUNY Graduate Reviews

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There is an excellent reputation and avenue for research, however departments can be more interdisciplinary.
Obviously, the University at Buffalo offers a great education. However, if they considered anything other than statistics, they could improve greatly. There is a lack of interest in their students from the classification system to an outright refusal to consider the opinion of students. Furthermore, the favoritism exhibited towards students on North Campus is unacceptable.
As a current student at the University at Buffalo I can only say that I have had positive experiences. The professors care and are great. One thing that I wish the school could do better is providing access to healthier food options in dining areas.
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I enjoyed time with my great diverse friends and faculty. Joined the outdoor adventure club, which consisted of rock climbing and hiking. I was an undergrad in the art department, which I really enjoyed. I will be returning to University at Buffalo for graduate school to receive my Masters in fine arts.
I am studying Business at UB. As an International student, UB has certainly introduced me to a host of activities that I otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience. More so, their fee structure makes it less burdensome on international students when compared to their competitors. As such, my overall experience at UB has been more than good and I would recommend the same to any aspiring business student.
I love my campus because I have great professors and libraries. The campus always have different kinds of events going on and I can always get great information on opportunities inside and outside of the campus.
As an international student, UB has certainly been a positive experience. Apart from academics, the University also boasts a host of extracurricular activities that enable the growth of a student. One constraint is that the school can do better by appointing good professors. There are many excellent professors, but certain subjects do not boast a good teacher.
The University at Buffalo is a great research institution with affordable tuition. I received my BA from UB and decided to return to pursue my Master of Social Work degree (UB's School of Social Work is one of the top 50 in the nation). The size of the university can be intimidating, so it's definitely important to find a community within the university. For example, I majored in Gender Studies for my undergrad degree, which was a small major so I was able to get to know people in a smaller setting. I've enjoyed being able to meet people from around the country and around the world, as UB has a large population of international students. There are tons of opportunities to get involved with research which is super exciting! UB has endless opportunities which I am very grateful for!
This is a great university to go to in order to get a great education. From the professors to the students, everyone just wants to see you succeed. I feel that the four years that I went there, I've learned so much about myself including my goals and passions, as well as the city of Buffalo. I really enjoyed my time here and recommend it to anyone who's interested!
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