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University at Albany, SUNY Graduate Reviews

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Enrolled in master's program in Computer science. Had a terrible experience at this university. Students work at the dining as part time. Most of them do not get internships since when they scrapped out the internships from new york state. Career fairs are below average with almost no companies hiring students. Professors are again average with only a handful of good professors. Fees is low but matches the quality of education here. Only good thing is the beautiful campus and the surrounding. Neighbouring areas are very safe I would say. Connectivity is pretty good with buses running in every 10-15 mins. Also the id card provides free bus transportation to the students. Campus center and the dorms provides good and healthy food options. Good grounds, gym and recreation facilities available. Used to be a party school but not so much parties happen nowadays i feel. Good for visiting and enjoying the place not worth studying here.
The university has well established facilities and convenient staff. The research approach is quite up to date and meets today's challenges.
SUNY Albany is a very diverse school with many different opportunities to get involved. It is a also a very diverse college for being upstate!
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School of Social Welfare is great. The have 200 plus student orgs and D1 sports. Great area for work and internships.
The school has a lot to offer being in NY's Capital. The MRP program is one of a kind and I would recommend it to anyone!
I loved the experience. I appreciated the setting, the courses, students, and expertise of the professors.
Went here for part of undergrad & liked it; definitely a good value for the tuition & the professors were good. I lived off campus so I can't comment on the party/social life but the couple dorms I visited were extremely small. However, I'm not impressed with the grad school of Public Health. The way the program is run will make the experience dreadful to the point that a lot of people consider dropping out. It is extremely disorganized, professors assign way too much work, and tests are significantly harder than the work covered, so even very good students are very discouraged. Professors can be very rude to you if you aren't doing well, and no one is doing well. "A" students are receiving 70-90 grades at best. Too many students have had to drop out of classes because of failing grades, and out of the program entirely. Students are so frustrated that the professors tell us how they are getting yelled at by the students. They really need to revamp this program.
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