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Tulane University Graduate Reviews

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It's been pretty great so far. I've met nice people, liked my classes and professors, and felt like I was getting a good education. I wish they had more internal scholarships though and I wish there were more opportunities to get involved in student groups.
The costs far outweigh any benefits through relationships that you make with your time here. Most of the faculty administration are tenured, jaded, and riding this out until their retirement. Occasionally you might get a good professor who still cares about teaching, but they do not stay at the school long. The campus has multiple security contracts and a private police department, yet students are assaulted or mugged on a near weekly basis. Then on top of all that unless you go along with the popular, or the professor's politics you will be ostracized, bullied, and will probably fail out of your classes.
The knowledge of the professor in subject matter is very deep. The school value education very highly to meet each individual student needs to be successful in the classroom and beyond.
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Tulane has taught me many philosophical things, but very little of that can I use applying for a professional job anywhere outside or inside of the state
It is clear that the undergraduate professors in the general Newcomb-Tulane college do not care if their students learn the material or not. Sure there is the odd professor here or there, but the majority are apathetic.
If the partying and social life don't kill you, then the gangsters and muggers will. I dread classes on the main campus because I know I have to walk around a dangerous area without the legal authority to defend myself if necessary. Goodness knows that TUPD won't show up in time, even though they are less than a .25 mi. away from all locations on campus at all times
It would be cheaper to buy a car than to live in Tulane dorms. Not only are the exorbitant rates not worth the quality of life you are expecting, but the fact that it is a mandatory requirement to live on campus for the Freshman and Sophomore year shows that the University cares more about milking the students for their money than it does providing a wholesome college experience.
I would not choose Tulane again because of the nepotistic practices that limit the growth of programs and students. Professors are more concerned with getting recognition from the University than actually teaching. There is no universal grading scale, and each professor has their own grading methods, which varies from politically biased to practical and objective. Tulane's core requirements waste too much time on arts and humanities and not enough of mathematics and sciences. There is no "Tulane culture" to speak of, in fact the only thing that graduates might find unifying is waking up next to one another after a night of binge drinking; that is if they hadn't been mugged on the way to their dorms. Tulane is a University without discipline and without any standards besides what the government has told them.
The previous president moved mountains to have a stadium erected on campus so that no one could continue to go to the football games.
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