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The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Graduate Reviews

16 reviews
I started off as a Bronc 2014 and ended up a Vaquero. I really love our university, there is absolutely nothing I would change. People are friendly, helpful and supportive. I am currently a graduate student and I believe if you come to this university you will not regret it.
UTRGV has come a lone way. I started here when the school was UTPA and have seen many changes throughout the years mainly for the better. The school has really grown and improvements to technology, buildings, and more fun events have been added. I can honestly say I enjoyed my college experience here at UTRGV!
University of Texas at RGV is an excellent university. Professors and students always help each other. Safety is also a very serious concern for me. I feel very safe at the campus.
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UTRGV is one of the most affordable universities with a wide variety of majors and studies. It's a multi-area campus merging the Rio Grande Vallery together and helping students gain the most from living here. Not only affordable, but UTRGV also helps students with work-study positions, grants, scholarships that can help students pay off their tuition and earn money at the same time. I do not regret staying here to continuing my higher-level education.
I am a proud UTRGV graduate. I loved going to a university so close to home. I didn't need to leave my hometown for a big city campus feel. I really appreciated all the help the professors in the Kinesiology department gave me. When attending I always found that the parking was problematic. There can definitely be more parking lots or maybe even a parking garage. I highly encourage more high schoolers to look in The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. They really make you feel welcome and like family.
awesome professors, great campus, beautiful location, awesome REC center love this campus graduated with my bachelors from here and doing my masters here
It is a great school in the Rio Grande Valley Texas. The students are truly taken care by the university. Financial Aids are available for those who can't support themselves.
The campus is friendly and the departments are helpful and accommodating. It feels like they really care and want me in to succeed in their school.
I am starting the graduate program in the fall so I have no prior knowledge. I know there physician assistant program is one of the top programs. I like the fact that they off an online program for PAs who currently work full time, this gives us the opportunity to get our masters degree and become competitive with the PAs who are currently graduating with their masters. It is the best program for me because I recently became a widow.
I've been attending the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and it was the best decision of my life. I was able to stay close to family and the quality of education is the same as colleges costing more than half of what UTRGV costs. There is great diversity and lots of Mexican food all around. Overall, the campus is beautiful and peaceful and, at times, filled with activities.
Great school, is not as expensive as other universities but the education is great. It is very diverse and has a good staff.
3rd most affordable university in Texas which has one of the lowest student loan debt, with a diverse culture and very sound professors with a very large population
They are consistent and persistent in helping new enrolled students to be successful with the setup of learning their campus and wonderful resources and opportunities for them. They are very flexible and show how much they care for anyone who is interested in attending their school.
My experience in this four-year university was great, I had the opportunity to take great courses with great professors. Also, I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people throughout college. The only thing I want to see a change is that they need to add more classes on the Brownsville campus. Overall, it is great.
The University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley is for the most part an established school with a new name. There are however, some bumps in the road as the University mitigates its recent merger of the campuses. The Rio Grande Valley is a truly unique environment that has many underserved, underprivileged individuals. This school is a great opportunity for those interested in community service and indigent care. There are also many student organizations that cater to many interests and are well organized.
Well, parking lot is one of the major problems this university have. Regarding academics, I did acquire a good foundation of information in the field I was studying. Most of the instructors do not want you to succeed or to be more than them. I am a person with a really strong character and that may be a reason why I did not care a lot about how others treated me. Expect to be surrounded by more than 80% Hispanic population.
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