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The Ohio State University Graduate Reviews

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Graduate program for family nurse practitioner is phenomenal. The professors truly care about our success and are there to help us in every way. I think the personal relationships and professionalism is what makes this program stick out. The pride and spirit this school has is amazing and will always be the light that will never burn out.
This is a very big school with a lot of resources. I think this would be a great school for undergrads because of this- and there is so much to do in the city itself. However, I understand the tuition to be very high for both in-state and out-of-state students. It's also easy to become overwhelmed because of how large and busy the campus/city are. If you like hustle and bustle and being challenged academically I think OSU is a great choice for undergraduate study.
I could not love this university more. There is a place for everyone and college is what you make of it. I had a job on campus for three years, and was involved in clubs and research. Getting involved was the best decision I ever made. I was committed to many things, always busy, and enjoyed every moment. It doesn’t hurt that sports are fun there. The opportunities are endless, and if you reach out and make an effort you will enjoy your time. I even worked for the university for a year at the Medical Center before going back to graduate school now!
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Many people will tell you that Ohio State University is "too big." Well to be honest, that's not true at all. Sure, in a sea of 50,000 students you're bound to see some new faces. But on a day-to-day basis you're seeing the same people all the time; in your classes, at the gym, even on the path you take back to your dorm room or house.

OSU provides an opportunity for everyone, with every major imaginable, but also every club to go with it. Want to meet a group of like-minded individuals who take an interest in video games? Got you covered. Did you play football in high school, but aren't 6 foot 5 inches tall with 250 pounds of muscle? Never fret, there's a club out there for you too.
Th Ohio state is a wonderful college! I enjoy the program I am in and it’s just very much up with the times! Campus is clean and very nice!
The educators are talented individuals and leaders. Most are actively working in the private sector and teach their experiences and today’s standards to their students. The students receive better education than some of the other universities offering the same programs. It’s evident that the educators truly love teaching to the future workforce. The campus's culture is rich and bountiful with multiple opportunities for the students to experience music, art, theater or sports. The sports facilities are state of the art and offer many various activities to the students. There’re plenty of activities for the student population to explore and experience.
The Ohio State University is a great place to study! From my time here, the school has lived up to its stellar reputation. So far, I have only had great professors who have amazing experience and passion. The campus itself is beautiful, and Columbus itself is a good city. Although it's not a huge city, its big enough for there to be a lot to do!
I love OSU! Great place for undergraduate and graduate student alike. Amazing opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. Could not be happier with my decision!
Ohio State University is a great place to receive a high quality education. The campus is wonderful and the networking opportunities are plentiful. The academic and professionalism of staff is top notch. There are a lot of activities to participate in on campus and the nearby restaurants have very good dining options. Football is king here with regard to sports, and the experience of tailgating before a game is second to none. Overall, this is a first class university that I am proud to attend.
I live 20 minutes off campus. To get to class on time I leave my house an hour before class to be on time. Where I park in relation to my class is a few miles away. The buses have too many stops to truly be helpful.
The teachers have so many students to teach that many students get left behind. The science section has an area where students can go if they need help. The area is small and overcrowded by students. Many students are talking about everyday things instead of science. This makes the area extremely loud. This area does not promote a healthy studying environment. The TAs have poor communication skills and tend to ignore students.
Exams are awful. The desk I used was tiny. The chairs were so close together that I would elbow my neighbor unintentionally during the test. It was the noisiest exam I have ever taken because of all the ruffling of papers, pencils writing, students re-situating, and buttons being pressed on calculators. The noise was distracting.
I love being a graduate student living Near campus. The surrounding businesses and restaurants provide a wide variety of activities. The professors are mostly very helpful. Go Bucks!
OSU for undergraduate degrees is fantastic. My experience as a PhD candidate has been simply awful. Administrators just do not care about you. Everything, from online enrollment to waiver processing is severely broken. Everyone, including faculty members, are expected to do too much resulting in little PhD student mentorship or care. I think one of the most distressing aspects of Ohio State is that the Graduate School HATES students. They are just downright rude, incompetent and unhelpful.
The school is very big for a reason. Its size enables the school to cater to the diversity population of students and their individual needs. The teachers are great, parking not so much.
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