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Texas Tech University Graduate Reviews

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Texas Tech University is the epitome of West Texas. We love our farmers and our agriculture students. The campus is massive and so gorgeous. School spirit is some of the best in the country and that is a fact. The athletic scene here in Lubbock, Texas is ridiculous with Tech excelling in almost every sport possible. Students love calling this place home. Lubbock is the definition of a college town, not to big but not small.
I like Texas Tech because it is very diverse. There are multiple organizations to be a part of on and off campus. The students and the town support all sports events.
Lubbock is one of the best little-cities to live (and I've lived in 3 different countries, 5 different major cities). There are bike lanes all around and within the campus that make the quality of day-to-day life very high. The facilities are top notch, professors are available/engaging/brilliant and I loved my years there.
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Texas Tech University over all is a very nice school. My biggest complaints with TTU are how much of the focus is around sports. The football culture at TTU is like a religious cult. It is frustrating how football games and tailgating events impede and endanger pedestrian traffic. As soon as I was able to move out of the dorms freshman year, I moved as far away from campus as possible just to ensure peace on game days. It is disgusting how many funds come through the school for sports facilities and coach salaries when other departments - engineering, architecture, etc. - have outdated buildings and equipment. Alumns need to give money to their department, not sports!
Lots of opportunities to get involved, including joining organizations, finding jobs on campus, and helping professors with research.
I have been at Texas Tech University for the past 4 years. Overall, I have really enjoyed my time here. I love that the environment is very chill. Everyone is chill and willing to help you.
Texas Tech has great school spirit, a beautiful campus, and fun activities. The only thing boring is the city itself.
I think the school needs staff to meet the needs of the students. The student are often left to find information thru internet resources and less availability to seek help from university staff.
I went to undergrad at TTU and it was the first place I looked when I was looking at MBA programs... Now I am a dual masters student in the Rawls COB!!
It's a great school in a town that has not much else going for it. The school has amazing professor and the facilities are beautiful.
I have loved the professors and the curriculum. There have been a few issues on the scheduling level but that is a fairly minor part of the experience.
Fantastic School. Attending Texas Tech University is the best decision I ever made. The school spirit is not matched.
Texas Tech is a friendly institution. I particularly emphasize on petroleum engineering which id one of the best in the nation.
Amazing college campus that involves many different clubs and activities. Phenomenal athletic teams and fun games to watch. Tech is one of the biggest campuses but it's so fun! Proud to be a Red Raider!
It is a wonderful university with many resources for the students. It has a big school feel with a small town welcoming atmosphere.
Texas Tech has good faculty in sociology, and the price is good, but the administration leaves much to be desired. They do not handle sexual harassment/assault adequately or take it as seriously as they should. Many faculty members do not adhere to ADA accommodationsand nothing is done about it, and the campus itself is not disability friendly (in terms of physical construction and staff/faculty training).
The more I know about what goes on behind the scenes, the more disappointed I am and less valued I feel.
I loved the campus and the people surrounded by it. I felt at home mostly welcomed and that's weird for me to find since i am far away from home.
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My experience has been wonderful over the past 2 years. I am a distant learner with a full time job and a single parent. The professors have been wonderful assisting me and have been so supportive.
There is a bunch of different options right next to campus and most offer discounts with your ID.
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