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Texas A&M University Graduate Reviews

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Im starting in the summer and my experience has been great. I will be entering as an MD/MBA student starting with the MBA.
Texas A&M is a great school when it comes to affordability and education. Diversity is lacking, but the environment is still very friendly and welcoming.
Great school. Professors and administration clearly care about student growth and learning. Student clearly enjoy it too.
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The opportunities are endless, so yes..! I love it
If I have to recommend to anyone, I definitely will as the standards are high and there are loads of inclusion programs for students.
Great area for students and amazing academics! Small town feel for such a large university. Surrounding area offers many activities without having to live in a major city, but large cities are only a short drive away.
Great Top 20 Statistics program and well worth the time and monetary investment. 10/10 would recommend.
School environment is friendly and safe.
Each department has its own research and strong point. On top of academic department, each department to support students is well developed such as career center, financial aid & scholarship department, residence life department etc. You can easily find people who you could ask help and get involved.
I enjoyed attending here enough that I only applied here for a Masters Degree. My dad went here, and since I was little, it was the only choice. I have not been disappointed.
There were so many opportunities I missed out on during my undergraduate career at TAMU. I am back now for my master's and I wish when I had more time as an undergrad to go out and explore my campus, organizations, and talk with more people in my classes and talk with my professors. Go to office hours! Take advantage of the REC center. Attend events on campus and bring some friends along. Get involved in your community. It's important to explore your freshman first semester and then build a strong foundation your second semester and learn from previous mistakes.
Bang for the buck!!Excellent value education. You won't regret studying here. Being an Aggie would set you up for life!!!
I absolutely loved the atmosphere, hometown-feel, and family I gained when I began at Texas A&M University. There is nothing like it anywhere else.
Texas A&M has a rich academic culture, and a great cultural diversity. It encourages students to be all round individuals by investing in all spheres of their lives. Texas A&M has investments in a lot of research work, which is commendable.
Very good university. My program is great and I enjoyed every bid of my classes. Very educational staff!
Texas A&M offers rigorous courses where learning really takes place. The teachers are great and offer plenty of opportunities for creativity and discussion.
Although Texas A&M may put a little too much emphasis on its sports and advertising campaigns, the educational experience I have received has been great. As parts of one of the smallest disciplines in the smallest college on campus, it has not been hard to get to know fellow students and professors. The campus makes it easy to be highly involved in dozens of clubs and activities or to solely focus on academics.
Pretty good university overall. The academics are good and the culture is really unique, sports is quite fun to go to. They are starting to care more about money than students now though
Overall enjoyed my undergrad at A&M. I was a microbiology major, and in any STEM major here the coursework is extremely rigorous. I had some amazing professors, but one downside to the degree is that for your first year they will do everything possible to weed you out of the program (only applicable for STEM majors). Most of your great professors will teach the upper levels, not the intros. Tons of opportunities to do research.
Students, as well as people in town are nice and friendly. There's an organization for just about everything, and a lot of volunteering. Most of the people you meet will be involved in at least one, if not more organizations. It's an involved campus (one of the tenets is selfless service).
There's plenty of places to eat and study in College Station (and good coffee shops!). Downside is the constant construction happening as the city grows. Relatively nice campus. Good libraries. Overall, nice, safe place to live. Chose to stay for grad school.
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Bang for your buck and so much more. The Aggie Network is unlike any other and the people you meet will never let you down! Gig em!
"From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. From the inside looking out, you can't explain it." Texas A&M University has had (and continues to have) a tremendous impact on my life. The emphasis put on traditions and service create an atmosphere unlike any other school. The courses I have taken at A&M have pushed me to think out of the box and try to view the world from multiple perspectives.
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