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Texas A&M University - Kingsville Graduate Reviews

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TAMUK as its fondly called, is a good school with highly seasoned teachers who are dedicated to their work. They help students achieve their maximum potentials. More companies from nearby cities need to invest in this college town so that it will bring them to lime light.I will always recommend this school to anyone looking to attend college.
My experience at Texas A&M Kingsville has been amazing. All of my professors have been caring individuals that go out of their way to help us in whatever we need. I look forward to continuing my education at Texas A&M Kingsville.
I like the close relationship with the faculty and the good curriculum. The faculty and staff care every single student. They gives more opportunity to the student in the field where I study.
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My experiences at Tx A&M - Kingsville have been positive. I have been receiving help from the Health & Wellness Center since the beginning of this educational journey. I am pleased with the school and all of the provisions provided to ensure my success. The faculty and professors are most helpful.
The Computer Science department is the worst department in the University. It has maximum number of international students with least academic standard. Many good professors are leaving. There is no specific tracks to study or specialization, only two or three courses where you get to do learn coding and solve coding assignments. Since Computer Science department comes under the Electrical Engineering department most of the efforts are done to improve the Electrical Engineering department which is way better. No online courses available. You can only do summer internship. They have no Co-Op program for Spring/Fall Semesters. You can only do Co-Op only in the last semester when you have one research project left. There is no proper communication between the faculty and the advising office. The inter department communication like the advising office and the International Office communication is very poor. The management is excellent in playing blame games and not getting the work done.
Texas A&M University Kingsville is a great place. It is apart of the might Texas A&M system and in my opinion one of the strongest members. The employees and management make you feel right at home. Our size is fairly small but we are very competitive. I completed my Master's degree in only one year and received tuition assistance as an employee.
I'm an international student, I never expected that TAMUK is gonna be that bad and to compare with, my Undergrad School back in India was way better than TAMUK.
Just to give some examples, they have only two Chemical Professors for the whole Chemical Engineering Department and half of the equipments in the lab don't work. To summarize TAMUK "sucks"
I love the teachers, staffs and students of the school. Its a friendly environment with little to no incidence of racism. The school should although improve in their career fairs by bringing more companies especially those that would give international students a chance
My time at Texas A&M University-Kingsville has been the best time I've ever had in my life. My three years here helped me evolve into the person I am today. A person that I didn't see myself becoming three years ago as an undergrad. I'm a strong, independent, determined human being that strives for the best. I have met many people that I know will be life long friends, and for that I'm grateful for my experience here. Graduating with my bachelors from here has opened many doors for me that I never knew could exist. From working as a part time student to now being a full time teacher while working on my masters is something I'm very thankful for. My career and my life would not be as wonderful and successful as it is if I hadn't gone to Texas A&M-Kingsville, and I'll always be grateful for the education I received from this outstanding school.
There is a rich diversity among the student population on the campus! The campus provides a family-friendly environment with a caring board of professors. It is a great experience when trying to find a home away from home!
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