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Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Graduate Reviews

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I really like how clean and well kept this University is it feels safe and very inviting place to learn. Many great activities and people.
The community here is great, and most of the professors are wonderful. You do need to be careful of the financial aid office. Sometimes the people working there do not know what they are doing and you have to explain it to them yourself for them to get it. There are plenty of places on campus to eat, and lots of places to study.
I am taking their online MBA. I love the short terms and the ability to finish this program in a year. Online has been great for me as I have a full time job too.
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The experience of being an online student is great. My schedule is flexible and I can work school and my job together. The instructors are nice and I've always had a great time with my classmates.
TAMUCC is an excellent university regarding the quality of professors, the small cohorts of students for optimal and personalized learning, and the dedication to assure all doctoral students have experience presenting at conferences and publications before graduating. TAMUCC staff and students are like a family where you feel supported, nurtured, and you know that they care about your success!
I attended TAMUCC for my bachelor's degree and I am now preparing to attend it for my graduate's degree. I love this campus, the layout is so fluent and the facilities are updated. The staff is very knowledgeable of the campus and also friendly and eager to help. My professors for my bachelor's degree were wonderful teachers and I even keep in contact with a few of them. I loved this school and I am so glad to be going back!
It’s a great campus, I enjoy it a lot. The professors have always went above and beyond what they need to to ensure I understand the material. It is a great campus with aa diverse group of students with a welcoming open community. It is a beach community and the campus is on an island, but I believe that makes it perfect.
Texas A&M Corpus Christi is a great campus, great location, and has a great view of the ocean. Technology is great, it offers a lot of services for the students, and study areas. The staff is not always professional, some get away with a lot. There is racism, some students have gone as far as insult others based on their race and nothing has ever been done. Students are constantly charged for everything, whether they only need a copy of a document, or a record. Parking is over priced.
I really enjoy my time at TAMUCC. The professors are great and very interactive. There are many good opportunities here, especially if interested in STEM research. The school is small so there are limitations on food choices and activities, but this also allows for better interactions with peers and professors.
My experience at TAMUCC has been both wonderful and frustrating. The university is growing and expanding which is very exciting to see, but the professionalism from staff and educators is not comparable to what I have experienced at other universities. I would like to see the professors taking more pride in teaching and not grading to be fair, but to truly educate and to teach students how to improve and to think critically...too much of education has been put on the students to learn themselves. Campus is gorgeous, fun, and growing. Services offered are rapidly expanding a force to be reckon with...changes are coming...just slowly...very slowly.
I think for the most part we do not have any safety issues. There are many cops on campus and I do not ever feel uncomfortable even during my evening classes.
We were rated in the top for our nursing progam among a few others. It is nice that is is downtown and on the water. There a good view from campus when the sunsets on the water. Most of the places you want to go out to are generally close to campus downtown as well.
The nightlife is okay. The local bars are not very modern and need to be updated. Most of the ones around campus are very small. There is not too many nice clubs. Not really any at all. There is always house parties though and parties on the beach.
There is a lot of school spirit but not as much as other schools. The teams are hard working and dedicated but it is hard to excel in athletics from a school in Corpus Christi.
Better than other schools but anywhere you go there will be a crowd of drug users, it is not that preventable.
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