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Texas A&M University - Commerce Graduate Reviews

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I was worried about moving to a small town for the first time, but found a great group of people to be around, professors who are greatly invested in my education, and global minded perspective.
Instructors are fairly responsive and kind. Admissions process is headache free. The school offers a variety of degrees online so you could accomplish the degree without having to drive way out of town to do so.
Despite the review I do like the area, the resturants are good and Dallas is only 45 minutes away. That said I despise my graduate advisor and I find the academic work to be sub par.

The food in campus is mostly bad, and the party scene is bland
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I have chosen this institute for the 3rd time now. The campus is conveniently located and the professors are friendly. The programs here have great reputations.
Texas A&M University - Commerce is a great place for convenience. The ability to be able to get your classes registered easily, find a degree or career path while attending is also easy, and just the campus life itself is a wonderful experience. There's never a day at TAMUC where you're without something to do. There's always club activities available or general/common areas to go to. If being on campus isn't your thing then, the online classes are also great and the professors provide timely responses as well.
I like that it was quick and easy for me to apply and to start my first class pending my full acceptance to the school. I don't like that the staff do not respond very well to student's questions or reach out to interact with you as an online grad student. I've had the unfortunate experience in having to email back and forth my advisor and literally had to ask questions to determine the specific classes I should take. The career center seemed willing to help when I call and speak to them. They offered to help me with my resume. I sent a copy of my resume for them to review and revise. I never heard back! Not sure why I'm going to this school with the horrible help I'm getting.
I have attended this school for 4 years and graduated with my bachelor degree in social work. I am currently in the process of beginning the masters program and I have no complaints about this school.
Good Experience, graduated in 2011. Customer service should be improved, in terms of how staff deals with students. The athletic program, especially football has vastly improved. There is good diversity among the student population and is financially a sound investment. Also, there are many satellite campuses that makes it easier to attend classes and obtain the assistance you may need.
The teachers are very understanding. I like that the school is very diverse. I would like the school to have a google map app for the campus, to make it much more easy to get around the campus.
Great university with extremely helpful staff. Professors are knowledgeable and available to answer questions. Advisers are always helpful and polite. Overall, the university is extremely flexible and offers a great value.
So far so good! I'm about halfway through the program, living off campus and planning on getting my degree with online classes.
I am a current student and value my professors here on campus. I wish the early childhood education department would offer more classes a semester in a variety of locations.
I lived on campus and having everything right there where you don tell need a car was great. I walked everywhere, even to Walmart. They are currently building a nursing building.
I am a new grad student at Texas A&M University Commerce. My studies are all online so I never seen the college in person. Even though I have never seen the school my experience as a new grad student is been amazing.
I absolutely love attending here for my graduate program. The online classes are so convenient since I am a full time mother and have a full time job. I love that they offer 5 week courses, it works great with my schedule!!
Very personable faculty and professors; any time I have ever needed assistance with registration or professors to take, they have always been there for me with no hesitation. Good school, great people, attainable degrees. What more can you ask for?
Not bad. Very organized and on point. Commuter student in Dallas so not on actual campus. But remote campus learning is a great experience.
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Texas A&M UniversityCommerce has not only provided a way for me to further my academic career, but have instilled a strong since of hope and pride in me that was once very shakey. I look forward to what the future holds and what this university can offer.
Technology management is the worst graduate course. This is more like a mini PHD where in you have to do so much research on several topics which are absolutely waste and have no relevance in the practical world. Neither is this degree valued for getting a job. The professors are only bothered about having research in APA format and doing coursework like a research with no relevance to the practical corporate world. Waste of Time, Money and Effort.
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