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Review University of Wisconsin Law SchoolUniversity of Wisconsin · Graduate School · MADISON, WI

Review Your Experience at University of Wisconsin Law School

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Review the Academics at University of Wisconsin Law School

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Rate the following about University of Wisconsin Law School

  1. Return on Investment
  2. Professors
  3. Diversity
  4. Part-time Programs
  5. Online Programs
  6. Student Life
  7. Housing Options
  8. Local Area
How are you connected to University of Wisconsin Law School?
Type of student:
Did you take your courses online?
What phrase best describes your program?

Tell us about academics:

  1. The program difficulty was manageable.
  2. The time commitment was manageable.
  3. The online courses were positive experiences.
  4. I completed the program in the time I expected.

Tell us about campus resources:
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  1. The program offered good access to mental health resources.
  2. The program offered accessible childcare.
  3. The program offered support for international students.
  4. The program offered good support for veterans.

Professors at University of Wisconsin Law School:

  1. Care about their students' success.
  2. Are passionate about the topics they teach.
  3. Are engaging and easy to understand.
  4. Helped connect me to future opportunities.

I was confident...

  1. I would graduate.
  2. I would find a job after graduation.
  3. The degree I got was worth the time and money.
What one word or phrase best describes students at your school?
How much did you spend on your graduate degree?
How much did you make post-graduation?
Did you graduate with your intended degree?
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