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SUNY Buffalo State College Graduate Reviews

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Pros: Very dedicated staff, wonderful programs, nicely sized campus (not too big, not too small), At least (3) public transit stops to use directly from campus, smaller class sizes.
Cons: Communication within Depts. and communication in general needs work; I can never get a hold of anyone unless it's my 6th or 7th call.
I have been fortunate to have received the one-of-a-kind oversight and devotion the faculty and staff at SUNY Buffalo State College afford to their students. My undergraduate experience at Buffalo State has been a transformative one, thus far. Within the history department, more specifically, the professor's serve as a constant source of inspiration and are always pushing students to actualize their full potential. Moreover, in working with such an exceptional set of professional's serves as a reminder of just how much one can develop – as a student, as a person, and as a member of their greater-community – when they apply themselves and when they can access the one-of-a-kind mentorship that I have been fortunate to receive at Buffalo State College.
The small class sizes guarantee that you can get attention from the professors. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with research in one of the many labs. A few things could be more user friendly, like how to print in the library.
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The professors are knowledgable, but often serving via an adjunct status, so their office availability is limited. The class sizes are small enough as to where you can lobby for any attention that you may want or need. The campus is in a bad neighborhood, but if you stay on the school property and don't go out too late, then you should be okay. The best students in the area typically choose more renowned schools than Buff State (I.E. U.B. or Cornell), but the diversity of graduate program availability and the affordability of classes (Buff State's full-time tuition rate is the cheapest amongst SUNY comprehensive campuses), make it a logical choice for many. Your Buff State academic experience is what you make of it. If you study hard and ask the professors enough questions, then you will be trained adequately in your field.
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