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Strayer University - Virginia Graduate Reviews

7 reviews
Strayer is an amazing school. I take courses online and I find it very stress free. I would recommend this online university to anyone who has children, work and still wants to further their education. The people are nice and very helpful. I feel like I am getting the best education
I like the diversity and the compelled graduate admissions staff. I look forward ti completing my graduate degree through Strayer. I also look forward to a better virtual experience than my previous one.
I loves that I was able to take my classes online because I do not drive. Taking online classes are so easy just as long as you get them in on time. I would not change anything about Strayer University.
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I decided to return to school after 12 years of receiving my associates degree. I was nervous about online school. The Stafford campus was very welcoming to me. The staff made me believe I can do anything with their help. They were encouraging, helpful, patience, and kind towards me. Told me they will assist me with logging in, writing the proper papers, and research. They have came through each time I needed assistance. I've completed one semester thus far and I am passing with an A+.
Excellent Service & Education. While taking classes on campus everyone made me feel at home. The instruction provided by professors has been helpful on my day to day living activities. The textbooks have been appropriate for each subject matter.
The Professors are actively involved and interested in the learning outcomes of students. This is a great University
Strayer is very flexible for part-time students and professors are very knowledgeable. They offer plenty of support and ensure all students are successful.
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