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Stockton University Reviews

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Honestly it is the same education you would get at a community college. If you are just graduating highschool go to your local community college, its way cheaper then transfer to that university you wish to go.
I very much enjoy this school but never gotten that community welcome feeling from here. Wish there was more activities for commuter students.
Professors make themselves available to help you and leave office hours open for you to come and study or ask questions
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I love it here! Attending for BSW and MSW. Offers lots of resources, commuter school, able to connect to the students in your classes. Professors are knowledgable and are willing to take time out of their schedule to help you.
I think Stockton University is an awesome school. I got my undergraduate degree from there several years ago and when I decided to go back for my Masters it was my 1st choice. The staff was exceptional, prices were good, and the courses offered were directly tailored to my profession. I give them an A+.
I think Stockton University is a great school so when I decided to go back to school for my Masters Stockton was my first choice. The professors were awesome and were very invested in their students success.
Stockton is an amazing school for occupational therapy. I attended this school for all of undergrad and graduate school as well. I learned so much through my 6.5 years!
This is a great school. Easy to understand and the faculty and staff really ensure that you get everything you need and understand what is expected.
Stockton University is a fantastic school. With a highlight on diversity, Stockton University aims to ensure it is inclusive of students of all walks of life. Stockton has a wide variety of degree programs as well as many extracurricular activities to enrich your education experience. It is also one of the more affordable schools in the area.
I love this school and will also be attending it for graduate school. I cannot wait to continue my education at this amazing school.
I am a graduate student at Stockton and received my BS from here. It is an amazing school and offers so many activities. There is always something to do. Greek life was an amazing experience that opens even more doors!
I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and found wonderful, lifetime friends here. The college is very open to outdoors life and is located in a great location where there is a large forest filled with nature trails and lakes. Finding something to do here wasn't that hard as there is a facebook group and local meet ups every night.
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