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St. John's University - New York Graduate Reviews

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This is a very expensive small private university. However, there is a lot that they offer because of that. There are many events throughout the year such as, carnivals, fireworks, winter ice skating, coffee nights, countless free food events, free vendors from well known places, etc. The campus itself is very nice and beautifully designed with flowers, seasonal decorations, modern buildings and technology, and more. I love my campus and I enjoy being there. However, certain professors are out there to ruin your GPA or some are very lazy. I think academically, this school does not line up with its other commodities.
The Psychology faculty is amazing and as a graduate student, I have had many opportunities to get assistantships and fellowships.
It is a little bit harder for me to tell you about the everyday experiences of a college student. This is because I was a Student Athlete participating on the baseball team. You don't have the same experiences as others do due to your jam packed schedule. I was in Tobin, the business school, and the professor were great. most brought real life experience into the classroom. Giving you a little insight into what the business world will be like when you graduate.
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I had a great experience at St. John's University. The school offered me many opportunities in all areas such as socially, academically, and for my future career.
St. John's University is a great place to be. Located in NYC, the school attracts mostly students from the community. However, there are international students and students from across the country who contribute to the diversity of the school. St. John's also has many student organizations that students can become a part of, and the alumni network is very strong.
Very expensive university. I am currently undergoing a 6 year doctorate and the courseload is very much random. Some of the professors here are really great to have. However, some professors are purely terrible. They will fail you regardless of how much work you put into the class.
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