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Southern University Law Center Reviews

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I have not started school just yet, however, I do not doubt the academics in this institution is to par with the regulations and requirements of the ABA.
I have not started the program yet. The school has remained in contact with me since I found out about my acceptance. They have enrolled all of the first year law students into two summer programs that are to assist us with our matriculation into Law School, which I love. These programs give first year students an idea of what to expect in their first year and allows us to adjust our learning style prior to the first day of class.
Affordable legal education with opportunities to earn hands-on experience in a variety of legal practice areas.
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The academic program is rigorous, but provides students with a variety of academic support resources to help them succeed.
My school has a great atomsphere of joy and culture.
The parking lot allotted for law school students is a gravel lot and it has many potholes and is not maintained. The distance from the law school is not bad, but if you have a very nice vehicle, I would not recommend parking in the gravel.
There is free wi-fi for laptops and smartphones. It is available in all classrooms and areas of the law school. The network goes down occasionally but only for a few minutes.
The facilities have been neglected but I enjoy the professors and the diversity of the student body makes the experience worthwhile.
The professors have high expectations of the students and require the utmost preparation for class. They are more than accommodating if a student is having difficulty grasping concepts and the student seeks out-of-class assistance. The TAs have been wonderful and they have made the transition from an undergraduate program to law school easier.
I am currently enrolled in the Law School at Southern University. The workload is manageable even though at times it seems overwhelming. Organization is key and communicating with the Teachers' Assistants and Professors is extremely beneficial. Students must be self-motivated and driven to succeed. I am currently in the process of applying for internships and summer jobs, so I am unable to give complete feedback on this aspect of the school as of yet.
I am receiving financial aid through student loans that was somewhat confusing at first, but the financial aid counselors at the school helped me through the process after a little trial-and-error.
Popeye's Chicken, McDonald's, Jack in the Box, and Subway are available.
The campus is lenient about loud music playing from vehicles, noise in the common areas of the school, and litter around the campus.
Fast food - Mcdonalds, Jack in the Box, Burger king
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