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Southern Illinois University Carbondale Graduate Reviews

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Southern Illinois University is an excellent university that allows students to prosper. Entering my freshman year of undergrad, I was uncertain of what I’d like to major in. Due to the universities vast list of majors, I decided to major in CDS. I’ve learned to also network with others, join many clubs, and even became a founder of a club on campus. The diversity is very good and the campus is beyond beautiful. People who enjoy the outdoors will love campus and the surrounding towns. The professors are always helpful and attentive to students. I am now a grad student at SIU because I enjoyed my experience here and the education I received.
Excellent campus life! Many things to do. Lots of opportunities. Beautiful campus. Sports are a very big thing.
The campus environment is very inviting to graduate students. The faculty is extremely professional and helpful. Financial Aid Services are on point with providing excellent customer service.
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I recently enrolled at SIU. I started the summer semester and was informed there was a change in my program, new core courses were required. The core courses went from 3 to 8! Also, after further investigation, my entire degree area had been done away with and no one even told me! Not a good first impression. They also have a ridiculous number of fees on top of their tuition. 14 fees in total on my bill this semester! Also, they used to be a huge party school and have gone extreme in the opposite direction in an attempt to fix that. You cannot have more than 2 unrelated people living in a house, and alchohol is not permitted at school events or sporting events.
SIU is a pretty decent school overall. For academics, my professors were very helpful and had in depth understanding of what they were teaching. But it all depends on what major you are taking. I know firsthand that SIU has one of the best aviation programs in the country which made my time at the school totally worth it. If you are an outdoor kind of person, you will find SIU very pleasing. The Giant City state park is nearby which has wonderful hiking trails. SIU's Touch of Nature also organizes a lot of outdoor activities every semester (camping, hiking, canoeing etc.). There are also numerous lakes around to go fishing or canoeing. If you like to party, SIU is a sure bet! Carbondale has really good bars and clubs and there are always parties every weekend. In all, College experience comes down to what you make of it. The school certainly provides everything you would expect in a typical college environment.
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