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Slippery Rock University Graduate Reviews

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I have had a great experience going back to school as a non-traditional student. I find the costs of higher-ed to be higher than they should be but SRU is affordable compared to most.
Sru is my second home. If small-town charm is something you enjoy., You'll love it there. Sru has endless opportunities for students in every major. Campus life includes various clubs and organizations to fit every students needs and interests. The town itself is small, has a few places to eat and one townie bar, but Sru students still make the best of it. Sru is a safe campus and town.
Slippery Rock University is an awesome university. The campus is beautiful especially during the spring/summer. There is currently a lot of remodeling going on and the results so far have been amazing. The campus life is great as well. There are always campus events going on that allows you to get involved with the campus and community. There are plenty of activities to meet others and make new friends. Housing around campus is affordable for any price range that you may have. The degrees offered are very diverse. The student body at SRU is rather diverse as well, there is still room for improvement however. I know at some universities you do not see where your student fees go but at SRU you definitely do. I would recommend this school to anyone!
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Slippery Rock University is a fantastic, community based university. The campus is large but not overwhelming and has so much to offer to its students. The school is very involved in the community and vice versa. The town is small but everyone is very nice and it is a very safe and walk-able area. I really enjoy how health conscious the school is too. The recreation center is open to the community and the Equestrian center has programs for children with disabilities. I learn something new here every week about how much the school, faculty, and staff care about their students.
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