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Seton Hall University Graduate Reviews

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I love seton hall very much. From endless academic resources to fun basketball games, I don't see much wrong with this university. The only downfall is the social aspect. If you're not in a Greek Organization good luck.
Seton Hall is small university in Northern New Jersey. Located just outside of New York City. Small class sizes to have an understanding of the material and with the professor. It is a very fun environment, 60 percent of students commute.
I'm currently my first year of graduate school at Seton Hall University. My program, Counseling, is completely online and lasts about 3 1/2 years. So far I've had 3 professors. Only 1 out of those 3 professors has been absolutely outstanding. She went above and beyond my expectations of what graduate school was going to be like, especially in an online program. The other two professors have left me on the fence about the University. What is a college without quality professors? I haven't in the program long enough to give much of a detailed review, but the program has left me with alot to be desired.
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For a private institution, Seton Hall is worth the tuition. The professors do their best to help students succeed and prepare them for a career in their respected fields.
I was a biology student. Learn to teach yourself, that is what seton hall promotes and in the end is the best skill you can have to be honest. In the beginning it is hard, especially in the sciences, but professors are willing to meet with you outside of class. Unless school comes easy to you, most science professors will force you to teach yourself, watch youtube videos, etc. I can't speak for any other majors. PA program is stellar, but very hard.
I am just beginning at Seton Hall University, but what I most like about the University is its collaborative and loving atmosphere. Everyone is willing to aid and to help, and this creates a culture in which it is easy to learn and to grow.
The MBA program at Stillman has a good balance of academic rigor and flexibility for working professionals. The faculty and school leadership have partnered with prominent local corporations to ensure students are exposed to various industries and have the ability to network with local business executives.
Challenging graduate work that I could apply to my life. Tons of research that was useful towards my current employment.
My experience at Seton Hall has been nothing short of amazing. I just graduated this May and am still here for Graduate School. I interned five times and had three job offers five months before graduation. I was constantly supported in my passions and given the tools and experience to be successful in my major. During undergrad I had so much fun every year both in and out of class. I took advantage of many different clubs and sports. I have never felt more at home and like I belong than when I am on campus. I am beyond thankful for all of the experiences I gained and for being a Pirate.
Seton Hall is a sad excuse for a University. All the school cares about is growing the student population to make more money, despite lack of resources, dorm space, classrooms, and parking to accommodate a large student body. Seton Hall values their sports teams over their nationally ranked graduate programs... just follow the money. The Physician Assistant program is a prime example. The 2nd year PA students are being KICKED OFF campus and relocated to the SHU Law Campus in Newark, NJ until October, because there is no classroom large enough to hold all 54 students. Students are forced to pay an additional $195 monthly to park at the law campus. One would think that a prestigious grad program would hold precedence over other majors/programs at this school; clearly not. Seton Hall conveys itself as a proud, Catholic University. It's time they reevaluate their priorities and start holding true to their proposed mission statement, vision, and values.
The students who work at the admissions office write the "excellent" reviews. If you want real, honest opinions, look at the reviews under the "terrible" category, especially pertaining to the Physician Assistant program and how awful they treat their students.
Parents: your children are seen as bags of money to these people at Seton Hall. No one cares if they have to relocate to Newark, NJ and experience the luxurious amenities of Newark for over 2 months. Whatever makes them the most money is the decision they will make.
Prospective Students: If you're looking at the Physician Assistant program at SHU, I invite you to go back to and click on literally ANY OTHER SCHOOL. I'm 1000% sure that they will treat you better than they treat us. It's much more than academics, trust me.
The Physician Assistant Program isn't all it's cracked up to be. The administration often forgets half of us exist (or just doesn't know how to count). They only have enough facilities to accommodate 30 students. Good thing there are 54 of us! There are plenty of other programs who treat their PA students like royalty and for half the price you pay here at Seton Hall...
The students who work at the admissions office are paid to write these "excellent" reviews. the Physician Assistant program has had to fight through the hardest four years of our lives only to end up with mediocre educational opportunities and terrible inconveniences. They don't even bother hiding how little thought and effort they put into their administrative decisions. This is our future career. This is no joke. They are really putting us at a disadvantage compared to other PA students across the country. You would think, for what we pay in tuition (and unsaid fees!) that we wouldn't be asked to bring in our own bananas when we learn how to suture, we wouldn't be relocated to the Seton Hall Law School campus in NEWARK because they couldn't find any other room, and we wouldn't need to fight for a white coat ceremony that works with our academic schedule.
Money hungry and inconsiderate. The PA students are treated like an inconvenience, but they will tell those who are applying that they are the pride of the school... read the other reviews about this rip off of a program.
Do not come here especially if you are interested in the Physician Assistant Program. This school is extremely money hungry and the student's needs, let alone conveniences, are an afterthought, if ever even considered at all. Our classes have been moved to the Seton Hall Law School campus in NEWARK!! The parking is TERRIBLE and unrealistic. We have to pay for our own CPR classes and we even had to bring in our own bananas to learn how to suture... Our white coat ceremony was moved to a few days BEFORE final exams so it's no longer seen as a celebratory event, but as something that takes away from our study time. Absolutely ridiculous. Not worth all the money. It really just all goes to the basketball team.
I am a second-year Physician Assistant student at Seton Hall University. Before I talk about my personal experience at SHU, I would just like to point out that the students who work in the admissions office on campus get paid to write these "excellent" reviews. I went to SHU for undergrad and I am in my 5th year of the PA program. SHU decided to accept twice the amount of students into the program. Those who applied outside of SHU were told that the program consisted of 30 students but showed up to 61 students. Our educational time was cut in half. Fast-forward a year, our classes have been relocated to the Seton Hall Law School in NEWARK, NJ. We are only allowed to park at certain times during the day and certain days per week. The parking that we do get is in Maplewood, NJ and we have to be shuttled from that lot to campus every day. We have to pay for our own CPR classes and even our own white coats that we EARN after a year and a half of HARD WORK.
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Current graduate student. Did my undergrad at a large university, but having a small class size and the ability to interact with the instructors is definitely beneficial. Clean, safe campus. Only downfalls I have seen are high tuition rates and some lack of organization when it comes to scheduling classes and finals.
I am apart of the ELMP Program. while the materials and topics covered do provide good information, the lack of clarity in teaching is evident. The professors in the school are very qualified but do not explain things well and feel that online postings are enough to do the job. However the assignments do test your knowledge and the professors do provide a rigorous curriculum. Overall you will get a good education (provided you work hard) even if it is not tailored to your learning style.

The administrative side of the college is like every other I have seen. bills get messed up. course registrations get screwed up and any department secretary tries to help you but always messes up. All in all its not a bad school but you will deal with the normal problems found at any college.
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