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San Francisco State University Reviews

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First of all, San Francisco State University is a beautiful campus with a diverse community. Students accept each other for any flaws or insecurities they may have. Additionally, they help each other grow always empathizing and understanding while helping out with the studies altogether. Professors are very helpful, passionate about what they are teaching, and actually want their students to succeed. Professors at SFSU actually CARE. For instance, Dr. Dorie, Dr. Markova, and professor Sofia D. from the Merchandising department, Professor Heather Murdock (Humanbio) as well as Professor Miho who teaches Japanese studies especially want the best out of their students as they create approachable and safe learning environments for them.
Each and every course had a nice flow with weeks that can be very challenging and some weeks are a little bit easy-going that help students have a bit of a break from the stress.

However, Bio LAB taught by Nabil may be a lot of work and quite challenging considering the fact that it's only a lower-division requirement. Bio LAB is already 3 hours per week (in-class activities + assignments) in addition to doing BIO pre labs, Post assessments, and notebook submission. Then there is a presentation around the midterm time on top of short answer quizzes every 2-3 weeks. I felt as though this was a lot of work just for a lower-division LAB. It personally gave me extra stress. It felt like a 4 unit course rather than a 3 unit.

The Product Development and visual merchandising course taught by Professor Stephanie Currie could have been much more fun to have if Professor Currie was an organized Professor. She lacks organization and understanding the technology.
My academic experience was very rigorous and fulfilling given the professors are willing to challenge you every step of the way and push you out of your comfort zone in order to ensure your success. The university has an awesome program called "Experimental College" which is originally from the 60's and allows students to teach their own class in any subject they find interesting.
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San Francisco State University is a small campus and considered a commuter college given its location in the Bay Area. Despite this, the campus and its staff provided me a fulfilling and challenging environment to develop my skills and academic ability throughout my undergrad experience. The resources available are more than enough for every student to succeed in their respective fields.
So far I am in my first semester of graduate school and I like it so far. I am currently taking two classes online. It is a bit difficult taking both classes online.
I've received my undergraduate at SFSU in May 2020 and now I am in the graduate program. So far, I've enjoyed my co horts and professors.
The environment, classes and shops are great. The facilities such as library and gym are extraordinary!
I like professors and the quality of education here. As a public school you get more than what you expect. The only matter is career fairs which are not very practical for art and design majors. You have to try harder to find a job as a graduate student in the fine arts school.
Focus on the individual graduate student. I have taken several "individual study" courses, received two fellowships, and gotten to know three professors.
I am challenged and supported.
I am in the Grad Gerontology Program and the courses are both diverse and challenging. The students ask questions, interact with the professors and some of the assignments are unique, use multi-disciplinary tools and are reviewed in class.
I love that the CSU tuition is far less than UCs or Private Schools. I love the diversity on the campus and in my classes and I do feel as though the admin, staff, and faculty care about us holistically.
The programs are established, tested, and true in terms of being accredited and producing good results. I think that there are improvements that could be made in terms of the bureaucracy and the levels needed to make a change. n terms of the classes though, I do feel like they do a good job at engaging students even though each class is 3. hours. long.
My experience with the bureaucracy has been a nightmare. My PI is disinterested in helping me, though many have better experiences with other professors.
Administrative offices never seem to know anything about other offices. Only the financial aid office and student organization offices seem to be able to assist students. I cannot trust the administrative offices to provide the correct information. This school was the first school I have ever attended where it felt like being a decent student was not good enough. The academic culture in the social sciences also seems to be plagued with classism and chauvinism.
In my program people are very welcoming and inviting regardless of their background. We’re accepting of all different types of people and it helps with classes too. Because everybody is so friendly, we’re all willing to help each other learn rather than tearing each other apart to get a better grade. I would like to have better buildings and toilets that don’t overflow and stink up the building though 😅
The school is absolutely amazing. The school has so many opportunities to be apart of any changes happening in the world. No matter what religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation - SFSU is has something to offer.

The professors are amazing and truly care about the students. The campus food is comprised of many local vendors with changing menus.

Student housing is difficult and limited. However, many great off campus housing and free city transportation for all students.
Fantastic professors in the English department but lack of variety as far as classes are concerned. This is mainly due to under enrollment. The classes are small and intimate, which is wonderful for discussion and getting involved with the material.
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I love the faculty and commitment they have to the success of their grad students! The program is well developed and important. I would like to see more resources for commuter students- commuter lounges and such.
SF state is very diverse and provides a lot of resources and opportunities for grad students. Graduate studies professors have a lot of experience in their fields. The location is great for commuters.
SF State is a handy commuter school, and probably the only cheap thing in SF. The school has good professors with a breadth of knowledge and experience. The campus and social life are what you make of it. There are numerous clubs and other organizations to join.
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