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Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Reviews

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Admissions go above and beyond to ensure all their students, and potential students, are set up for success. The programs are flexible for individuals going back to school, with jobs and families to consider.
So far the academics have got me excited to get started in my Master's program. The courses are flexible and the professors are there to assist, even their online students.
SMUMN is dedicated to their students and their development. During the difficult times of the COVID pandemic, the school transitioned to all-online and kept the students and staff informed. They also encouraged discussions on the social unrest to promote wellbeing of the students.
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The graduate program that I am enrolled in has a dedicated director who listens to the input from the staff, faculty, and students. This dedication to the program and students shows in the changes that have been implemented and the passion of the instructors.
Professors are accessible. Classes I believe helped to me for the real world. The course material Was very easy to comprehend. Also the workload was manageable with work schedule. The professors were very considerate and compassionate during the pandemic as well as during my divorce .
Classes were all online. I started off in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. After a few classes I realized this wasn’t for me. I wanted to go for masters in healthcare administration and counselors helped me when I needed to make that transition.
My experience with the academics was that it was purposeful and it allowed me to learn by doing, drawing me into the learning environment. The knowledge I obtained from academics was related to the world around me making me marketable with the skillsets I have acquired due to their academic standards.
What I liked most about Saint Mary’s University was the support I received. If I had a concern or question there was always a timely response. The professors were very helpful and knowledgeable and always displayed a mannerism of truly being there for the students. There is an expectation of excellence and a strong feeling of community.
Hard program, but after every class you feel like you can walk away with knowledge and understanding of the content that was delivered to you.
Hard program, but after every class you feel like you can walk away with knowledge and understanding of the content that was delivered to you.
Classes were average, nothing special. A lot of doing the same thing over and over again. I learned some but not a lot.
I was lied to about how long it would take to graduate with my online MBA. I was told 14 months and then told Even though I verified this date in the fall that I needed to remind them in the summer. I also was put into the wrong speciality and it took over a year to correct that. I was enrolled incorrectly in the special topics and had to do two at once because they forgot to enroll me in one in the fall. They take no ownership of this. Apparently you need to check in daily to verify you are enrolled correctly.
Saint Mary’s University offers a fully engaging graduate program. I selected this university for it’s easy online features and amazing diverse professors, a 22 month course, and the cost. I am getting my Master’s in Learning Design Technology in Education. The professors are well versed in this field and have taught me so much, not only by what they teach but how they are compassionate on how we as teachers have busy lives. I am proud to be in my last 16 weeks of classes and to graduate in the Fall of 2020.
The coursework has been engaging and useful not only in my future classrooms but in my daily life. Even though the coursework was difficult at times my professors were so accommodating but still held me accountable for the work.
The coursework was relevant to my career and challenging enough to help me grow but also flexible enough for me to continue working full-time while attending grad school.
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota delivered courses relevant to my career path and helped me grow in my industry.
Quality teachers willing to help. Good location, cares about their students and faculty. Excellent educational experience.
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The coursework was engaging, not too difficult or unmanageable, and staff was always willing to assist. Very good experience.
My Experience in Saint Mary's was good Great Professors I will like to see more Internship jobs and more of opportunities My point is the school don't have a internships opportunities
The Program was very good like i said Great Professors willing to help and make sure you succeed if you are are behind they will connect with you and make sure you succeed you will not fail in the program if you are a hard work student a lot of support
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