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I cannot comment on this in detail yet, due to start of classes, but I am excited to start class Fall 2020!
The introduction to Rider has been very welcoming! Lots of support, guidance, and detail oriented to successful online learning.
All of the coursework is engaging and prepares you realistically for intended work experiences. The professors are engaging online and are there for anything you need assistance with.
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Since I am enrolled in an online program, I have not experienced the campus life. I visited the campus years ago and I was a lovely green campus with plenty of areas to study and relax.
The courses offered are perfect for a student like myself. They are comprehensive and competitive and prepare me for the job market ahead.
The professors and staff have been extremely helpful in getting me the information that it need when it is time.
my experience at rider was great when I went for a visit. the campus was very well diverse. all the students on the campus look like they wanted to be there and they was having fun.
Rider University's graduate program is outstanding with great professors and curriculum. The campus is beautiful with lots of trees and greenery. If you like a quiet environment and and nice scenery, Rider is for you.
Wonderful campus. Teachers and staff were always helpful and available to stay after class with any questions. Loved everyone in my classes, we all studied together before class. Easy campus to get around and very clean and safe.
I received my Undergrad from Rider, I am going back fall of 2018 for my MBA. The Advisors are very supportive and I believe give great advice and positive direction for a clear path to career goals. I think the cost is in line with pretty much any University in NJ. In anycase the cost is worth the price of admission for a great education!
I love the School Psychology graduate program. The attention you receive is unlike any other and I feel prepared for the schools.
Welcoming people, engaging professors and staff. But, price tag, consistent school wide issues and student/academic protests ruin its progress and focus. I'm disappointed that students are trying to become educated, yet the employees are struggling to do their job well which has ripple effects.
I loved every minute here at Rider. This school allows you to own your entire college experience. You get out of it what you put in to it. The small college feel allows you to get comfortable with the people at the school, yet it is large enough that you are always meeting new people and having new adventures. It truly is an amazing place to be and I loved every moment I have spent at this school
It's dependent on what students enjoy and rather have. I also don't reside on campus.
It's lackluster, but for what we have, it is welcomed and a nice addition to the campus.
If proactive, you will be fully aware of the variety and importance of each.
From what I have seen, it is a great place to around in. The services and places are nice and home like.
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You earn your grades, for better or worse.
I'm highly impressed by how friendly and involved the employees of Rider are.
Students have to be proactive, it is not a simple process.
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