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I am completing my degree online, and I would not change a thing. This medium is teaching me how to manage my time well and to utilize all resources made available.
Coursework is very engaging and provides many opportunities for growth and skill development. This tenure at Regent has proven that this school is the right fit for my growth academically.
Very laid back lifestyle on campus. Friendly staff and students. Low stress environment. Questions and problems are very quickly resolved by the excellent staff.
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Real world related- some theory, but most of it was applicable to the working world. Always felt that the course materials could be directly applied to the field.
I love Regent University. The professors are outstanding and the teaching process is filled with love and understanding. The professors are warm and friendly and they care about their students learning. I love the way the classes are opened up with prayer and how the students are encouraged to speak freely and to voice their opinions. I would highly recommend Regent University to everyone who is seeking a closer relationship with the Lord and who are interested in new revelations in the Word of God as well as in their studies.
The coursework at Regent University is very intriguing and inspirational. The course load is set just right for learning and for fulfilling all of the knowledge that is to be obtained to equip the student with everything he or she may need to be effective in their field.
I am enrolled in my first class so I don't have enough information to rate the academics yet. I look forward to engaging with other students and the challenge that each class will present.
I'm a new student to Regent University but have been pleased with the responsiveness of the advising team and ease of application process.
Regent courses are challenging but rewarding. There is a good combination of education in communication and on Jesus Christ.
This is my first semester at Regent University. I like that Regent professors are kind and caring. I like that the work is interesting and applicable. I would like to continue my education there if I can receive enough grants. I am hoping to receive my Masters in Communication to be of service to my community and the world through valuable communication. I am hopeful that I can learn how to spread love, kindness, self-improvement, and mental health awareness to many people in the future. This degree will help me be prepared to be of service to God and others.
Although I have not yet started classes at Regent, I have been very impressed with the communication I have received from them during the application and enrollment process. The admissions team has been extremely helpful in answering all my questions and find answers. I also appreciate their dedication in getting to know my desires in order to offer guidance on the best course of education.
I do not yet have experience in class with Regent, but after reviewing their course descriptions, I believe that they offer a challenging academic atmosphere that will better prepare me for serving others.
I have read that in the last several years Regent has climbed the quality ladder and has very good ranking in the US.
They have been very kind and helpful in the preparation for starting graduate school this fall. I have had the opportunity to talk with multiple departments and the representatives have all been helpful and kind.

I am very excited about the classes in my specification: MA in Government--Law and Policy. I think I will be well equipped for a career in policy analysis.
Strong and supportive faculty and support staff. The faculty is always there to help in every way that they can.
MA in Cybersecurity Law is challenging and rewarding. Writing for non-law students is a challenge but the faculty and writing center is extremely useful and supportive.
This is my first semester but so far the coursework is engaging. With the online classes, you're assignments are provided at the beginning of the course. My instructor provided us with suggestions on how to pace ourselves to be sure assignments were submitted on time.
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This is my first semester but already I am impressed with my professor. She has personally called myself and my classmates to encourage us through this class. My admission experience was amazing. My admissions counselor was very helpful and made sure I had everything I needed and got my things submitted on time!
Regent has been nothing but amazing to me as a student. Not only am I allowed to tie in the Bible with my schoolwork, but I am working towards a degree in something that I love, and my degree is just as unique as me!
The coursework is challenging, but it prepares you for your future in the workforce that I even plan on keeping all of my textbooks for future reference. You get a variety of classes that give you multiple skills.
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