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Regent University Graduate Reviews

26 reviews
I like the ease of online classes. Professors are great and very helpful when you do not understand something. It is all about accountability and ensuring that every assignment is the best quality. There are many resources and the books that are utilized by professors aren't too expensive for a student on a budget. I think it's important to make sure it's what you want to accomplish before you do so. It will make it so much easier when you are dedicated to your studies. If something comes up because we all know that life happens reaching out to the professor as early as possible will help in the long run.
3rd tier education/experience for 1st tier cost. Don't waste your time/money. Doesn't prepare you for the real world, doesn't provider really any tangible job prospect. Frankly, school's reputation outside of Christian circles counts as a MASSIVE minus on your resume. You'll walk away with massive loan debt and spend the rest of your life trying to figure out how to pay them off.
Amazing experience! Dedicated and timely professors that truly care about students education and personal lives (ex: I live in FL and during hurricane season they reached out)
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Online freedom! Great choice of classes, and engaged and informed professors leads to a high level of interest, and a motivated student body keeps students on their toes. GPA's tend to be relatively high in all departments of the graduate school. Cost is also low, but does not reflect the quality of education at this non-denominational Christian school. Never met anyone who attended who didn't believe in Jesus Christ, but if someone did who was willing to learn discursively about Him and our faith in Him, that person would come out with a well rounded understanding of our faith, and an excellent education.
I rated my school very good. Each class I have taken has been a positive course. Each course I have learned information I can use in my current work environment.
I like the ease of contacting professors, the writing lab and the set up of my grad program.

I also like the library and their database and aligning school with my faith. It's eye-opening now to ensure you're being true to you in every facet of life. I don't have any recommendations at this tine for improvement.
Regent has provided me with many growth opportunities within my field of study and I have had nothing but a warm welcome into their university. The classmates and professors make this university wonderful.
The professors care a great deal about their students. They largely did an excellent job of conveying course material and doing so in line with the school's mission.

Students mostly know each other since it's a small school and there is a very tight-knit community.

I greatly enjoyed my degree classes. Professor William Reddinger is an outsanding lecturer and assigned fascinating readings for our classes. He teaches government the way it ought to be taught.
I've been in graduate school online for about a month now and I have nothing but positive reviews. The application process was tedious, but the admissions department made it very easy for me to understand and complete each step. As an online student, I was nervous about feeling disconnected, but I was assigned an advising team and counselor right away.
Christ-centered education.
Christian professors.
Christian leadership.
Excellent School of Business and Leadership
The counseling program has been frustrating at times. Contributing to the frustration, has been the professors. Some of have been scatterbrained, making the course somewhat unorganized and others have been the most encouraging, while still others have had a rude demeanor. It has been baffling at times of what to expect. On an assignment with a lot of criticism, I would have expected a lesser grade, but this although, showed no reflection. Sometimes, comments from professors come off as a mother scolding her children. It seems strange to be treated as a child when you have experience as a working adult, parent, and are continuing education to fulfill a dream to further your education. Although, I feel to have experienced growth academically, I had a hard time understanding some of the professors attitudes towards their students. Since, students work in groups in the counseling program, the comments betweens professors and students were continually shared throughout the semester.
The region is so beautiful. I am disappointed with the strength of spiritual opportunities in this region. The school is great. The school buildings look like castles.
Regent allowed me the opportunity to continue my education with other Christian scholars as myself. The faculty and staff are some of the greatest scholars in this country. The University cares for all students as children of God.
Regent University wants you to succeed in school and in life! They offer support such as the writing center, student success center, excellent professors, and an easy to use online experience. If you are a Christian it is a wonderful school.
Regent University has been a great experience for me so far. It has been academically rigorous, however the professors work with me and provide feedback if I have questions. As well, they have video sessions on Blackboard that explain assignments and that has been very helpful. I also have learned how to be disciplined with my time.
I've had wonderful professors, and the staff always respond within a day or two of my inquiries. Everything is handled in a professional and timely manner.
I like Regent University very much because it is a Christian College and is committed to teaching about the true word of God.
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The university is very well kept and the scenery is beautiful. The staff is always very helpful and welcoming. I will say that the application process, interviewing process, and scheduling process for this university is a little bit all over the place. My admissions counselor is wonderful but it seems to be a bit hectic when trying to figure out the next steps in your process.
This school is amazing. The teachers are wonderful, it is centrally located to many things and is close to the beach, and the campus is beautiful. There are lots of on campus activities and the students and staff are very nice and helpful.
As a graduate student, I find the faculty the main reason to study and remain as a student there. The professora are expert in their fields and are well publihed in their specific subject natter.
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