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New Mexico State University Graduate Reviews

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The university has policies of their own for the international students. These policies are nowhere written on their website but they follow them and punish international students. They do not allow students to go for an internship in the first year and last semester. They force students to register credits after coming back from the internship even if the student has completed all the requirements. I believe this is one way of making money. If you are an international student, then DON'T COME TO NMSU.
I graduated from New Mexico State with my Bachelors in Criminal Justice and my masters in Criminal Justice. It has been a wonderful experience. I am completing my Bachelors in History and I enjoy the all the professors in my education.
This university is very good. The professors are very kind, and open to meeting with you. I would say that the graduate courses are intense, and require more effort and time than advertised. The financial aid office and dispersements are not always on time, and not always accurate with current student details. The campus offers a free shuttle service, and free parking areas that are extremely helpful to students trying to save money and get around.
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I really love this university because of its location and its reasonable tuition fees. It is also accredited by many organizations such as AACSB.
The college has a variety of degree offerings for both graduate and undergraduate studies. The campus is beautiful and the tuition is affordable.
It was an overall good experience. The engineering program is very diverse both student-wise and professor-wise. There are many scholarship opportunities available as well as research projects and internships with the professors in your major.
The university is very safety conscious. The warning are timely and I fell safe when attending classes at this university. The courses in my program are well planned not to exceed 7 credits which I really appreciate.
It was a great choice to go to NMSU.It has great academics and it gave me plenty of options for majors to choose my career path.
Great atmosphere. Culturally diverse students and professors. Student oriented. Nice campus. Lots of social and cultural events for students. Plenty of student organizations.
New Mexico State university is overall a good college, if you are a small town individual. If you are from the city, then it will take a while to become adjusted. The city grows on you. It is nice to be able to make it to your destinations within 15 minutes. The student life offers good organizations. The campus is not super overwhelming in size. I would like for the scholarships opportunities to be not as selective. In other words, you must fit a certain criteria. If you are a native, then this is the college for you.
I feel comfortable being at NMSU. Campus crime is relatively low. Police and safety measures are implemented.
The career center does a great job of helping students accomplish their goals. The alumni network is great. NMSU does a great job at looking back and appreciating former students. Employers have a good presence on campus. Job/ internship prospects are available.
Campus housing allows students to feel more connected to the university. I have lived in dorms, specifically RGH. The only drawback to RGH is community bathrooms. Sharing a room with a fellow student is not a huge concern. The housing process is relatively smooth. The social atmosphere is good. I no longer live in RGH, but it had a great location ( class proximity). The pricing of RGH was reasonable.
I would be considered a non-Greek. However, I know that Greek housing is plentiful. I believe the Greek life bring "spice" to the social atmosphere of the campus.
Being a former college athlete at NMSU, I was able to experience the athletics scene firsthand. The school spirit at NMSU is impressive. The athletic facilities are up-to-date. Students are involved and provide great attendance to the athletic games.
Overall, NMSU is a good college. I have an encountered a few minor setbacks, financially. I am an out of state student. Therefore, scholarship opportunities are not as plentiful versus in-state students. NMSU is unique due to the location , friendliness of the staff, and campus diversity. My only wish is that NMSU would acknowledge out of state students more academically and financially.
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